Intel patents granted on 09 July 2013

29 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,484,642 Processor core selection based at least in part upon at least one inter-dependency
2 8,484,525 MAC architecture in wireless communication systems supporting H-ARQ
3 8,484,488 Dynamic core swapping
4 8,484,418 Methods and apparatuses for idle-prioritized memory ranks
5 8,484,410 Method to stagger self refreshes
6 8,484,391 Configurable buffer allocation for multi-format video processing
7 8,484,209 Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for recommending other users or objects by considering at least one user’s preference
8 8,484,154 Methods and systems to traverse graph-based networks
9 8,484,147 Pattern matching
10 8,484,091 Method and system for the distribution of software products
11 8,483,761 Singular value decomposition beamforming for a multiple-input-multiple-output communication system
12 8,483,621 Radio frequency interference sensing system and method
13 8,483,610 Service provisioning utilizing near field communication
14 8,483,290 Method and system for data management in a video decoder
15 8,483,272 System and method for frame level bit rate control without pre-analysis
16 8,483,236 Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple virtual MACs
17 8,483,203 Techniques for formatting signals for transmission using a wireless network
18 8,483,179 Attachment indicator for handover between heterogenous networks
19 8,483,148 Transport format combination selection in a wireless transmit/receive unit
20 8,483,132 Apparatus and methods for upgrading an airlink in a wireless system
21 8,483,128 Filling the space-time channels in SDMA
22 8,483,093 Energy efficient network forwarding based on performance and energy
23 8,482,922 Microfins for cooling an ultramobile device
24 8,482,670 Detecting video format information in a sequence of video pictures
25 8,482,668 Techniques to enable digital television and GPS coexistence
26 8,482,560 Image forming techniques
27 8,482,348 Class of power amplifiers for improved back off operation
28 8,482,269 Supply voltage control based at least in part on power state of integrated circuit
29 8,482,043 Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance