Intel patents granted on 09 June 2009

26 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,546,599 Method, apparatus and system for instructing a virtual device from a virtual machine
2 7,546,512 Techniques to perform error detection
3 7,546,487 OS and firmware coordinated error handling using transparent firmware intercept and firmware services
4 7,546,457 System and method for execution of a secured environment initialization instruction
5 7,546,452 Hardware-based credential management
6 7,546,447 Firmware interface runtime environment protection field
7 7,546,444 Register set used in multithreaded parallel processor architecture
8 7,546,422 Method and apparatus for the synchronization of distributed caches
9 7,546,421 Interconnect transaction translation technique
10 7,546,409 Deferring peripheral traffic with sideband control
11 7,546,399 Store and forward device utilizing cache to store status information for active queues
12 7,546,363 Adaptive route determination for peer-to-peer services
13 7,546,142 Device, system and method of coordination among wireless transceivers
14 7,545,811 Efficient broadcast in wireless mesh networks
15 7,545,794 Timestamping network controller for streaming media applications
16 7,545,773 Multiple media access control apparatus and methods
17 7,545,698 Memory test mode for charge retention testing
18 7,545,640 Various methods, apparatuses, and systems that use ionic wind to affect heat transfer
19 7,545,194 Programmable delay for clock phase error correction
20 7,545,030 Article having metal impregnated within carbon nanotube array
21 7,545,003 Defect-free source/drain extensions for MOSFETS having germanium based channel regions
22 7,544,896 Forming a porous dielectric layer and structures formed thereby
23 7,544,594 Method of forming a transistor having gate protection and transistor formed according to the method
24 7,544,263 Method of forming folded-stack packaged device using vertical progression folding tool
25 7,543,457 Systems for integrated pump and reservoir
26 7,543,377 Perimeter matrix ball grid array circuit package with a populated center