Intel patents granted on 09 March 2010

22 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,676,800 Method and apparatus for reducing the storage overhead of portable executable (PE) images
2 7,676,796 Device, system and method for maintaining a pre-defined number of free registers within an instrumented program
3 7,676,733 Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
4 7,676,665 Arrangements for initialization-time and run-time integration of firmware and software extensions for supporting add-in hardware
5 7,676,654 Extended register space apparatus and methods for processors
6 7,676,604 Task context direct indexing in a protocol engine
7 7,676,603 Write combining protocol between processors and chipsets
8 7,676,595 Anycast addressing for internet protocol version six
9 7,676,535 Enhanced floating-point unit for extended functions
10 7,676,231 Methods and apparatus for selecting communication channels based on channel load information
11 7,676,197 Signal spectrum steering method, apparatus, and system
12 7,676,105 Method, apparatus, article and system for use in association with images
13 7,676,103 Enhancing video sharpness and contrast by luminance and chrominance transient improvement
14 7,676,027 Systems and methods to send and receive encrypted DTMF digits in a data flow
15 7,675,999 Multicarrier receiver and method with phase noise reduced signal
16 7,675,928 Increasing cache hits in network processors using flow-based packet assignment to compute engines
17 7,675,871 Split transaction protocol for a bus system
18 7,675,792 Generating reference currents compensated for process variation in non-volatile memories
19 7,675,182 Die warpage control
20 7,675,160 Individual sub-assembly containing a ceramic interposer, silicon voltage regulator, and array capacitor
21 7,674,729 Method and apparatus for imprinting a circuit pattern using ultrasonic vibrations
22 7,674,390 Zeolite–sol gel nano-composite low k dielectric