Intel patents granted on 09 May 2006

38 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,043,719 Method and system for automatically prioritizing and analyzing performance data for one or more, system configurations
2 7,043,706 Conductor trace design to reduce common mode cross-talk and timing skew
3 7,043,697 Virtual display driver
4 7,043,667 Debug information provided through tag space
5 7,043,654 Selecting a first clock signal based on a comparison between a selected first clock signal and a second clock signal
6 7,043,608 Methods and apparatus to manage a cache memory
7 7,043,583 Method and system for improved processing of CPU intensive communications protocols
8 7,043,582 Self-nesting interrupts
9 7,043,405 Distribution of processing activity in a multiple core microprocessor
10 7,043,392 Interpolator testing system
11 7,043,124 Fabrication of a waveguide taper through ion implantation
12 7,043,049 Apparatus and method for monitoring streamed multimedia quality using digital watermark
13 7,043,021 Digital video content transmission ciphering and deciphering method and apparatus
14 7,042,942 Zigzag in-order for image/video encoder and decoder
15 7,042,932 Synchronization detection architecture for serial data communication
16 7,042,926 Low complexity multiuser detector
17 7,042,917 Laser apparatus with active thermal tuning of external cavity
18 7,042,910 Clock signal decoupling for synchronous operation
19 7,042,890 Method and apparatus for sharing connection state information between multiple processing elements
20 7,042,729 Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and fabrication methods
21 7,042,727 Heat sink mounting and interface mechanism and method of assembling same
22 7,042,712 Extended stand computer system with retractable keyboard
23 7,042,702 Wound capacitor
24 7,042,461 Window idle frame memory compression
25 7,042,436 Method to dynamically optimize the power efficiency of a display backlighting system based on the output load
26 7,042,308 Mechanism to prevent self-actuation in a microelectromechanical switch
27 7,042,274 Regulated sleep transistor apparatus, method, and system
28 7,042,259 Adaptive frequency clock generation system
29 7,042,106 Underfill integration for optical packages
30 7,042,084 Semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader attached to a thermally conductive substrate core
31 7,042,082 Method and apparatus for a backsided and recessed optical package connection
32 7,042,077 Integrated circuit package with low modulus layer and capacitor/interposer
33 7,042,009 High mobility tri-gate devices and methods of fabrication
34 7,041,993 Protective coatings for radiation source components
35 7,041,736 Anhydride polymers for use as curing agents in epoxy resin-based underfill material
36 7,041,357 Selective PCB stiffening with preferentially oriented fibers
37 7,040,934 Add-in card to backplane connecting apparatus
38 7,040,012 Method of electrically and mechanically connecting electronic devices to one another