Intel patents granted on 09 November 2010

29 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,831,997 Secure and automatic provisioning of computer systems having embedded network devices
2 7,831,974 Method and apparatus for serialized mutual exclusion
3 7,831,924 Method and apparatus to control the display of windows in a processing system
4 7,831,858 Extended fault resilience for a platform
5 7,831,849 Platform communication protocol
6 7,831,821 System backup and recovery solution based on BIOS
7 7,831,819 Filter micro-coded accelerator
8 7,831,811 System and method for managing a register-based stack of operand tags
9 7,831,776 Dynamic allocation of home coherency engine tracker resources in link based computing system
10 7,831,762 Reducing the format time for bit alterable memories
11 7,831,758 Accelerating input/output (IO) throughput on solid-state memory-based mass storage device
12 7,831,747 Method and apparatus to generate a data descriptor
13 7,831,713 System and method for managing distributed objects as a single representation
14 7,831,542 Iterative search with data accumulation in a cognitive control framework
15 7,831,278 Method and device for communicating data with a personal wireless storage device
16 7,831,115 Optical die structures and associated package substrates
17 7,830,980 System and method capable of implicit feedback for the devices with an unequal number of transmitter and receiver chains in a wireless local area network
18 7,830,977 Providing CQI feedback with common code rate to a transmitter station
19 7,830,882 Switch scaling for virtualized network interface controllers
20 7,830,848 Network-wide clear channel assessment threshold
21 7,830,794 Method and apparatus for improved isochronous data delivery over non-isochronous communication fabric
22 7,830,690 Memory module thermal management
23 7,830,397 Rendering multiple clear rectangles using a pre-rendered depth buffer
24 7,830,312 Wireless antenna array system architecture and methods to achieve 3D beam coverage
25 7,830,166 Pulse shift modulation for reducing cross-talk of single ended I/O interconnects
26 7,830,016 Seed layer for reduced resistance tungsten film
27 7,829,943 Low-k isolation spacers for conductive regions
28 7,829,852 Device having etched feature with shrinkage carryover
29 7,829,195 Fluorination pre-treatment of heat spreader attachment indium thermal interface material