Intel patents granted on 10 April 2007

42 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,203,889 Error correction for memory
2 7,203,886 Detecting and correcting corrupted memory cells in a memory
3 7,203,872 Cache based physical layer self test
4 7,203,858 Program clock synchronization in multimedia networks
5 7,203,853 Apparatus and method for low latency power management on a serial data link
6 7,203,852 System and process for making power readily available to newly added computers
7 7,203,825 Sharing information to reduce redundancy in hybrid branch prediction
8 7,203,808 Isolation and protection of disk areas controlled and for use by virtual machine manager in firmware
9 7,203,786 Error-flagging apparatus, systems, and methods
10 7,203,785 Apparatus and method for parallel and serial PCI hot plug signals
11 7,203,768 Managing network traffic using hashing functions
12 7,203,767 System processing data packets received from remote host to control system operation according to adjustable timer interrupts based on data flow rate
13 7,203,740 Method and apparatus for allowing proprietary forwarding elements to interoperate with standard control elements in an open architecture for network devices
14 7,203,731 Dynamic replication of files in a network storage system
15 7,203,669 Detector tree of boosted classifiers for real-time object detection and tracking
16 7,203,645 Speech recognition system loading different recognition engines for different applications
17 7,203,644 Automating tuning of speech recognition systems
18 7,203,631 System and method to analyze VLSI designs
19 7,203,500 Apparatus and associated methods for precision ranging measurements in a wireless communication environment
20 7,203,487 Pre-notification of potential connection loss in wireless local area network
21 7,203,368 Embedded bayesian network for pattern recognition
22 7,203,259 Phase interpolator
23 7,203,151 Spatially-spectrally swept optical memories and addressing methods
24 7,203,064 Heat exchanger with cooling channels having varying geometry
25 7,202,871 Texture engine memory access synchronizer
26 7,202,783 Method and system for identifying when a first device is within a physical range of a second device
27 7,202,756 Electromagnetic coupler with direct current signal detection
28 7,202,715 Matched current delay cell and delay locked loop
29 7,202,703 Single stage level restore circuit with hold functionality
30 7,202,693 Combined pick, place, and press apparatus
31 7,202,684 Thermal stratification test apparatus and method providing cyclical and steady-state stratified environments
32 7,202,648 Fully integrated DC-to-DC regulator utilizing on-chip inductors with high frequency magnetic materials
33 7,202,568 Semiconductor passivation deposition process for interfacial adhesion
34 7,202,514 Self aligned compact bipolar junction transistor layout and method of making same
35 7,202,503 III-V and II-VI compounds as template materials for growing germanium containing film on silicon
36 7,202,420 Methods to prevent mechanical flexure related BGA failure
37 7,202,304 Anhydride polymers for use as curing agents in epoxy resin-based underfill material
38 7,202,111 Methods and apparatus for disposing a thermal interface material between a heat source and a heat dissipation device
39 7,201,784 Surfactant slurry additives to improve erosion, dishing, and defects during chemical mechanical polishing of copper damascene with low k dielectrics
40 7,201,583 Three-dimensional flexible interposer
41 7,201,521 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a transistor-outline (TO) can having a ceramic header
42 7,200,934 Electronic assemblies with high capacity heat sinks and methods of manufacture