Intel patents granted on 10 August 2010

37 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,774,846 Method and apparatus for controlling data propagation
2 7,774,824 Multifactor device authentication
3 7,774,794 Method and system for managing bandwidth in a virtualized system
4 7,774,781 Storage subsystem access prioritization by system process and foreground application identification
5 7,774,769 Transmitting trace-specific information in a transformed application
6 7,774,766 Method and system for performing reassociation in software loops
7 7,774,764 Method and system for efficient range and stride checking
8 7,774,759 Methods and apparatus to detect a macroscopic transaction boundary in a program
9 7,774,684 Reliability, availability, and serviceability in a memory device
10 7,774,671 Method and apparatus to adjust voltage for storage location reliability
11 7,774,651 System and method to detect errors and predict potential failures
12 7,774,626 Method to control core duty cycles using low power modes
13 7,774,600 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
14 7,774,590 Resiliently retaining state information of a many-core processor
15 7,774,575 Integrated circuit capable of mapping logical block address data across multiple domains
16 7,774,521 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption for isochronous data transfers
17 7,774,520 Method and apparatus for maintaining synchronization of audio in a computing system
18 7,774,466 Methods and apparatus for load balancing storage nodes in a distributed storage area network system
19 7,774,325 Distributed network attached storage system
20 7,774,278 Wireless access unit with trunk interface
21 7,773,962 Method and apparatus for efficiently applying frequency correction
22 7,773,669 Cascaded phase pulse position and pulse width modulation based digital transmitter
23 7,773,632 Header compress/decompress framework
24 7,773,626 Technique to improve network switch throughput
25 7,773,620 Method, system, and program for overrun identification
26 7,773,564 Subscriber unit in a hybrid link incorporating spatial multiplexing
27 7,773,514 Resilient flow control systems and methods
28 7,773,504 Bandwidth allocation for network packet traffic
29 7,773,493 Probe-based storage device
30 7,773,034 Method for acquisition of GPS signals and GPS receiver with sample time error and frequency offset compensation
31 7,772,819 Systems and methods for improved coupled inductor topology efficiency utilizing a light load signal
32 7,772,708 Stacking integrated circuit dies
33 7,772,706 Air-gap ILD with unlanded vias
34 7,772,702 Dielectric spacers for metal interconnects and method to form the same
35 7,772,090 Methods for laser scribing wafers
36 7,771,661 Methods for uniform metal impregnation into a nanoporous material
37 7,770,630 Modular capillary pumped loop cooling system