Intel patents granted on 10 February 2009

20 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,490,282 Method and apparatus of turbo encoder
2 7,490,260 Method and apparatus for reconfigurable memory
3 7,490,255 Power efficient flow control model for USB asynchronous transfers
4 7,490,215 Media memory system and method for providing concurrent memory access to a plurality of processors through separate translation table information
5 7,490,191 Sharing information between guests in a virtual machine environment
6 7,490,171 Universal plug-and-play mirroring device, system and method
7 7,490,117 Dynamic performance monitoring-based approach to memory management
8 7,490,070 Apparatus and method for proving the denial of a direct proof signature
9 7,489,918 System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords
10 7,489,836 Optical interconnect system for high speed microprocessor input/output (IO)
11 7,489,683 Integrated circuit capable of routing multicast data packets using device vectors
12 7,489,650 Method, apparatus and system of packet transmission
13 7,489,629 Methods and media access controller for broadband wireless communications with variable data unit size and delayed data unit construction
14 7,489,625 Multi-stage packet switching system with alternate traffic routing
15 7,489,555 Program-verify sensing for a multi-level cell (MLC) flash memory device
16 7,489,439 Semiconductor Raman ring amplifier
17 7,489,150 Apparatus and methods for self-heating burn-in processes
18 7,489,033 Electronic assembly with hot spot cooling
19 7,488,120 Fiber optic module and optical subassembly with reduced electromagnetic interference
20 7,487,822 Micro-chimney and thermosiphon die-level cooling