Intel patents granted on 10 February 2015

47 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,372 System for providing video on demand with pause feature
2 RE45,367 Protocol conversion and bandwidth reduction technique providing multiple NB+D ISDN basic rate interface links over a wireless code division multiple access communication system
3 8,955,144 Protecting information processing system secrets from debug attacks
4 8,955,098 Establishing network security using internet protocol security policies
5 8,955,045 Facilitating varied access based on authentication scoring
6 8,955,039 Mobile platform with sensor data security
7 8,954,986 Systems and methods for data-parallel processing
8 8,954,977 Software-based thread remapping for power savings
9 8,954,941 Method and apparatus and record carrier
10 8,954,790 Fault tolerance of multi-processor system with distributed cache
11 8,954,775 Power gating functional units of a processor
12 8,954,771 Split deep power down of I/O module
13 8,954,770 Controlling temperature of multiple domains of a multi-domain processor using a cross domain margin
14 8,954,754 Method and apparatus to process SHA-1 secure hashing algorithm
15 8,954,748 Systems and methods for controlling access to supplemental content integrated into existing content
16 8,954,747 Protecting keystrokes received from a keyboard in a platform containing embedded controllers
17 8,954,735 Device, method, and system for secure trust anchor provisioning and protection using tamper-resistant hardware
18 8,954,674 Scatter-gather intelligent memory architecture for unstructured streaming data on multiprocessor systems
19 8,954,661 Binary search pipeline
20 8,954,650 Apparatus, system, and method for improving read endurance for a non-volatile memory
21 8,954,620 Techniques for using an assigned switch identification at an input/output device
22 8,954,562 Entropy-based (self-organizing) stability management
23 8,954,022 Feedback receiver for antenna tuner calculations
24 8,954,021 Group III-N transistors on nanoscale template structures
25 8,954,018 Tunable wideband distribution circuit
26 8,953,807 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
27 8,953,806 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
28 8,953,785 Instruction set for SKEIN256 SHA3 algorithm on a 128-bit processor
29 8,953,696 Signal decoding systems
30 8,953,663 Calibration of quadrature imbalance via loopback phase shifts
31 8,953,644 Multi-protocol I/O interconnect time synchronization
32 8,953,636 End-to-end feature support signaling
33 8,953,634 Device, system and method of communicating data during an allocated time period
34 8,953,631 Interruption, at least in part, of frame transmission
35 8,953,502 Receiver for receiving RF-signals in a plurality of different communication bands and transceiver
36 8,953,482 Methods and apparatuses to improve on-time throughput for integrated multi-rat heterogeneous networks
37 8,953,478 Evolved node B and method for coherent coordinated multipoint transmission with per CSI-RS feedback
38 8,953,313 Method and apparatus for enhanced cooling of mobile computing device surfaces
39 8,952,761 System and method for supporting different types of oscillator circuits
40 8,952,571 Extendable wireless power delivery for small devices
41 8,952,550 Copper-containing C4 ball-limiting metallurgy stack for enhanced reliability of packaged structures and method of making same
42 8,952,541 Method of fabricating metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling contacts using conformal deposition and thermal growth processes
43 8,952,540 In situ-built pin-grid arrays for coreless substrates, and methods of making same
44 8,952,532 Integrated circuit package with spatially varied solder resist opening dimension
45 8,952,511 Integrated circuit package having bottom-side stiffener
46 8,952,355 Electropositive metal containing layers for semiconductor applications
47 8,951,846 Controlling thermal interface material bleed out