Intel patents granted on 10 January 2006

21 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 6,986,094 Device and method for selecting opcode values with maximum hamming distance to minimize latency and buffering requirements
2 6,986,052 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
3 6,986,035 Modular bios for detecting resources of a system and reporting information about the resources during two separate phases
4 6,986,026 Single-step processing and selecting debugging modes
5 6,986,023 Conditional execution of coprocessor instruction based on main processor arithmetic flags
6 6,986,010 Cache lock mechanism with speculative allocation
7 6,985,743 Method and apparatus for an independent positioning system and augmentation of GPS
8 6,985,709 Noise dependent filter
9 6,985,591 Method and apparatus for distributing keys for decrypting and re-encrypting publicly distributed media
10 6,985,581 Method and apparatus to verify circuit operating conditions
11 6,985,486 Shared buffer asynchronous transfer mode switch
12 6,985,392 Byte aligned redundancy for memory array
13 6,985,380 SRAM with forward body biasing to improve read cell stability
14 6,985,299 Optical cross-connect switch with telecentric lens and multi-surface optical element
15 6,985,179 Determining image quality for improving object trackability
16 6,985,159 Arrangements for antialiasing coverage computation
17 6,985,041 Clock generating circuit and method
18 6,984,873 Method of forming a stacked device filler
19 6,984,581 Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by ILD posts
20 6,984,302 Electroplating cell based upon rotational plating solution flow
21 6,983,789 System and method for providing cooling systems with heat exchangers