Intel patents granted on 10 January 2012

23 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,095,932 Providing quality of service via thread priority in a hyper-threaded microprocessor
2 8,095,920 Post-pass binary adaptation for software-based speculative precomputation
3 8,095,824 Performing mode switching in an unbounded transactional memory (UTM) system
4 8,095,725 Device, system, and method of memory allocation
5 8,095,586 Methods and arrangements to correct for double rounding errors when rounding floating point numbers to nearest away
6 8,095,549 Searching for strings in messages
7 8,095,176 Method and apparatus of subchannelization of wireless communication system
8 8,095,173 Wireless communication device with physical-layer reconfigurable processing engines
9 8,095,069 Techniques for MMWAVE WPAN communications with high-directional steerable antennas combining omni-directional transmissions with beamforming training
10 8,094,723 Motion estimation sum of all differences (SAD) array having reduced semiconductor die area consumption
11 8,094,662 Methods and apparatus to limit transmission of data to a localized area
12 8,094,651 Emergency call services for wireless network roaming
13 8,094,633 Adaptive paging area
14 8,094,616 OFDMA contention-based random access channel design for mobile wireless systems
15 8,094,612 Quality of service resource negotiation
16 8,094,505 Method and system to lower the minimum operating voltage of a memory array
17 8,094,459 Microelectronic substrate including embedded components and spacer layer and method of forming same
18 8,094,212 Audio-based attention grabber for imaging devices
19 8,093,717 Microstrip spacer for stacked chip scale packages, methods of making same, methods of operating same, and systems containing same
20 8,093,704 Package on package using a bump-less build up layer (BBUL) package
21 8,093,667 Flexible gate electrode device for bio-sensing
22 8,093,584 Self-aligned replacement metal gate process for QWFET devices
23 8,093,105 Method of fabricating a capillary-flow underfill compositions