Intel patents granted on 10 January 2017

65 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to Intel

1 9,544,991 Multi-pair differential lines printed circuit board common mode filter
2 9,544,920 Random access procedure for dual connectivity
3 9,544,914 Master station and method for HEW communication using a transmission signaling structure for a HEW signal field
4 9,544,876 Downlink control information (DCI) validation for enhanced physical downlink control channel (ePDCCH)
5 9,544,850 Enhancing ps-poll for low-power wifi
6 9,544,846 Method and apparatus for bluetooth-based general service discovery
7 9,544,823 Dynamic uplink and downlink configuration using flexible subframes
8 9,544,801 Periodic channel state information reporting for coordinated multipoint (coMP) systems
9 9,544,736 Techniques for improving location accuracy for virtual maps
10 9,544,728 Systems and methods for approximating geo-fencing locations
11 9,544,710 One method of delegate-based group channel access
12 9,544,709 Small data transmission techniques in a wireless communication network
13 9,544,612 Prediction parameter inheritance for 3D video coding
14 9,544,419 Methods and systems for configuring a mobile device based on an orientation-based usage context
15 9,544,418 Dual communication circuit device selecting communication circuit based on communication activity history
16 9,544,417 System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
17 9,544,347 Distributing intelligence across networks
18 9,544,319 Anomaly detection on web client
19 9,544,272 Detecting image spam
20 9,544,141 Secure key storage using physically unclonable functions
21 9,544,139 Method and apparatus for a non-deterministic random bit generator (NRBG)
22 9,544,133 On-the-fly key generation for encryption and decryption
23 9,544,121 Methods and devices for determining effective mutual information
24 9,544,100 Techniques to stop transmission of data based on reception of an acknowledgment within a specified time
25 9,544,099 User equipment, evolved node B, and method for multicast device-to-device communications
26 9,544,089 Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
27 9,544,072 Virtualization of natural radio environments to test a radio device
28 9,544,002 Concurrent transmit and receive
29 9,543,956 Systems and methods for configuring an SOPC without a need to use an external memory
30 9,543,515 Electrode materials and interface layers to minimize chalcogenide interface resistance
31 9,543,507 Selector for low voltage embedded memory
32 9,543,272 Method for interconnecting stacked semiconductor devices
33 9,543,261 Designs and methods for conductive bumps
34 9,543,244 Hybrid package transmission line circuits
35 9,543,224 Hybrid exposure for semiconductor devices
36 9,543,197 Package with dielectric or anisotropic conductive (ACF) buildup layer
37 9,543,024 Nonvolatile memory erasure techniques
38 9,543,019 Error corrected pre-read for upper page write in a multi-level cell memory
39 9,543,005 Multistage memory cell read
40 9,543,004 Provision of holding current in non-volatile random access memory
41 9,542,929 Systems and methods for providing non-lexical cues in synthesized speech
42 9,542,776 Generating random sampling distributions using stochastic rasterization
43 9,542,774 Determining a node paththrough a node graph
44 9,542,718 Head mounted display update buffer
45 9,542,561 Instructions processors, methods, and systems to process secure hash algorithms
46 9,542,522 Interconnect routing configurations and associated techniques
47 9,542,356 Determining, at least in part, one or more respective amounts of buffer memory
48 9,542,347 Host interface crossbar for sensor hub
49 9,542,336 Isochronous agent data pinning in a multi-level memory system
50 9,542,325 Adjustable over-restrictive cache locking limit for improved overall performance
51 9,542,211 Co-designed dynamic language accelerator for a processor
52 9,542,196 Communication terminal and method for providing configuration data for a modem with system boot firmware
53 9,542,193 Memory address collision detection of ordered parallel threads with bloom filters
54 9,542,191 Hardware profiling mechanism to enable page level automatic binary translation
55 9,542,186 Instruction set for supporting wide scalar pattern matches
56 9,542,154 Fused multiply add operations using bit masks
57 9,542,150 Controlling audio players using environmental audio analysis
58 9,542,123 Disabling a command associated with a memory device
59 9,542,114 Methods and apparatus to protect memory regions during low-power states
60 9,541,993 Mobile device operation using grip intensity
61 9,541,991 Method and apparatus for managing computing system power
62 9,541,987 Generic host-based controller latency method and appartus
63 9,541,983 Controlling reduced power states using platform latency tolerance
64 9,541,949 Synchronization of domain counters
65 9,541,583 Voltage detector with high voltage protection