Intel patents granted on 10 July 2007

48 US patents granted on 10 July 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,243,365 Apparatus and method for delivery of metadata on ATVEF transport B enabled platform
2 7,243,353 Method and apparatus for making and using a flexible hardware interface
3 7,243,342 Methods and apparatus for determining if a user-defined software function is a memory allocation function during compile-time
4 7,243,309 Interface accelerator
5 7,243,295 Low complexity channel decoders
6 7,243,272 Testing of integrated circuit receivers
7 7,243,262 Incremental checkpointing in a multi-threaded architecture
8 7,243,249 Method and apparatus for facilitating power state control and awareness of an autonomous subsystem in a computer based system
9 7,243,243 Apparatus and method for measuring and controlling power consumption of a computer system
10 7,243,231 Sensory verification of shared data
11 7,243,224 Preboot execution bootloading
12 7,243,222 Storing data related to system initialization in memory while determining and storing data if an exception has taken place during initialization
13 7,243,219 Predicting instruction branches with a plurality of global predictors using varying amounts of history instruction
14 7,243,214 Stall optimization for an in-order, multi-stage processor pipeline which analyzes current and next instructions to determine if a stall is necessary
15 7,243,205 Buffered memory module with implicit to explicit memory command expansion
16 7,243,191 Compressing data in a cache memory
17 7,243,178 Enable/disable claiming of a DMA request interrupt
18 7,243,176 Method and apparatus for power efficient and scalable memory interface
19 7,243,171 Data flow management apparatus, systems, and methods
20 7,243,167 Managing peripheral device address space resources using a tunable bin-packing/knapsack algorithm
21 7,243,160 Method for determining multiple paths between ports in a switched fabric
22 7,243,154 Dynamically adaptable communications processor architecture and associated methods
23 7,243,041 GUID, PnPID, isochronous bandwidth based mechanism for achieving memory controller thermal throttling
24 7,242,921 Anonymous electronic transactions
25 7,242,866 Methods and apparatus for switching N optical input signals to M optical outputs
26 7,242,847 Systems and methods for editing video streams using a grid-based representation
27 7,242,760 Automatic detecting when an agent is available
28 7,242,687 Method and system for distribution of session scheduling
29 7,242,338 Differential digital-to-analog converter
30 7,242,293 Radio-frequency identification apparatus, systems, and methods
31 7,242,261 Voltage control for clock generating circuit
32 7,242,252 Transistor bias current regulation apparatus, method, and system
33 7,242,172 Microprocessor die with integrated voltage regulation control circuit
34 7,242,098 Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
35 7,242,097 Electromigration barrier layers for solder joints
36 7,242,088 IC package pressure release apparatus and method
37 7,242,084 Apparatuses and associated methods for improved solder joint reliability
38 7,242,073 Capacitor having an anodic metal oxide substrate
39 7,242,020 Real-time monitoring of particles in semiconductor vacuum environment
40 7,242,019 Shunted phase change memory
41 7,241,707 Layered films formed by controlled phase segregation
42 7,241,706 Low k ILD layer with a hydrophilic portion
43 7,241,680 Electronic packaging using conductive interposer connector
44 7,241,653 Nonplanar device with stress incorporation layer and method of fabrication
45 7,241,642 Mounting and dicing process for wafers
46 7,241,560 Basic quencher/developer solutions for photoresists
47 7,241,339 Method and apparatus for applying a gel
48 7,241,147 Making electrical connections between a circuit board and an integrated circuit