Intel patents granted on 10 July 2012

29 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,220,049 Hardware-based detection and containment of an infected host computing device
2 8,219,851 System RAS protection for UMA style memory
3 8,219,836 Methods and apparatus to monitor instruction types and control power consumption within a processor
4 8,219,829 Scheme for securing locally generated data with authenticated write operations
5 8,219,797 Method and system to facilitate configuration of a hardware device in a platform
6 8,219,757 Apparatus and method for low touch cache management
7 8,219,739 Read-only optimized flash file system architecture
8 8,219,720 Method and architecture to support interaction between host computer and remote display devices wherein service-specific protocols for the remote devices are defined
9 8,219,136 Techniques to determine transmitter power
10 8,219,086 Low duty mode for femtocell base stations
11 8,219,047 Methods for calibrating a transmitter, and radio transmitter
12 8,218,674 OFDM transmitter with adaptive bit interleaver for adaptive bit loading and method for OFDM communications
13 8,218,669 Spectrally flat delay diversity transmission
14 8,218,580 Managing timing of a protocol stack
15 8,218,492 Apparatus, systems and methods for switching MIMO transmission techniques in wireless communication systems
16 8,218,464 Modulation scheme for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems or the like
17 8,218,424 Transmission of system configuration information in mobile networks
18 8,218,337 Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
19 8,218,323 Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
20 8,218,082 Content adaptive noise reduction filtering for image signals
21 8,217,942 Subdividing geometry images in graphics hardware
22 8,217,696 Adaptive digital phase locked loop
23 8,217,504 Article and panel comprising semiconductor chips, casting mold and methods of producing the same
24 8,217,435 Floating body memory cell having gates favoring different conductivity type regions
25 8,217,383 High hole mobility p-channel Ge transistor structure on Si substrate
26 8,217,272 Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
27 8,216,881 Method for fabricating a semiconductor and semiconductor package
28 8,216,071 Method and apparatus for software delivery and management
29 8,215,536 Rotational-flow spray nozzle and process of using same