Intel patents granted on 10 March 2015

23 US patents granted on 10 March 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D724,025 Wireless charging device
2 8,978,135 Methods and apparatus to protect memory regions during low-power states
3 8,977,972 Using multi-modal input to control multiple objects on a display
4 8,977,945 Techniques for transmitting video content to a wirelessly docked device having a display
5 8,977,871 System and method for power management using a basic input output system
6 8,977,811 Scalable schedulers for memory controllers
7 8,977,789 Device connect detection
8 8,977,788 Observing an internal link via an existing port for system on chip devices
9 8,977,784 Port teaming
10 8,977,772 Method and system for facilitating one-to-many data transmissions with reduced network overhead
11 8,977,307 Beamforming coordination in heterogeneous networks
12 8,977,273 Method for selecting a mobile radio area, mobile radio communication device, method for transmitting signals into a mobile radio area, and mobile radio network unit
13 8,977,271 Computer-aided mapping of system information medium access control protocol messages
14 8,977,258 System and method for communicating with fixed and mobile subscriber stations in broadband wireless access networks
15 8,977,254 Method for device configuration, database, mobile communication device and network entity
16 8,976,904 Automated erasure slicer threshold control and modification of symbol estimates to be erased
17 8,976,877 Techniques for multi-user MIMO sounding in wireless networks
18 8,976,855 Power and area efficient receiver equalization architecture with relaxed DFE timing constraint
19 8,976,768 Peer setup of predefined modulation transmission
20 8,976,081 Integration of displays
21 8,975,975 Spread spectrum clocking method for wireless mobile platforms
22 8,975,177 Laser resist removal for integrated circuit (IC) packaging
23 8,975,138 Method of creating a maskless air gap in back end interconnects with double self-aligned vias