Intel patents granted on 10 May 2011

23 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,941,860 Apparatus and method for content protection using one-way buffers
2 7,941,810 Extensible and flexible firmware architecture for reliability, availability, serviceability features
3 7,941,699 Determining a set of processor cores to boot
4 7,941,692 NAND power fail recovery
5 7,941,651 Method and apparatus for combining micro-operations to process immediate data
6 7,941,631 Providing metadata in a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
7 7,941,629 Memory registration caching
8 7,941,624 Parallel memory migration
9 7,941,618 Fully buffered DIMM read data substitution for write acknowledgement
10 7,941,178 Systems and methods for scheduling transmissions for coexistence of differing wireless radio protocols
11 7,941,094 Apparatus and method of wireless communication at a plurality of performance levels
12 7,941,052 Bi-directional parallel optical link
13 7,940,853 Method and device for calculating zero-croccing reference sequences for signal detection of angle-modulated signals based on zero crossings of the received signal
14 7,940,840 Dual barrel receiver equalization architecture
15 7,940,778 Cross-layer approach to virtualized overlay on ad hoc networks
16 7,940,764 Method and system for processing multicast packets
17 7,940,723 Dynamic/static transport channel to physical channel mapping in broadband wireless access systems
18 7,940,638 MIMO communication system and method for communicating with single antenna and multi-antenna mobile stations
19 7,940,168 System, apparatus and method for automated emergency assistance with manual cancellation
20 7,939,945 Electrically conductive fluid interconnects for integrated circuit devices
21 7,939,922 Forming compliant contact pads for semiconductor packages
22 7,939,912 Spin polarization amplifying transistor
23 7,938,013 Method and apparatus for a self-powered RFID-readable pedometer