Intel patents granted on 10 May 2016

50 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,338,882 Broadside coupled differential transmission lines having alternating wide and narrow portions
2 9,338,806 Multi-device pairing and provisioning
3 9,338,772 Configuring component carriers in carrier aggregation
4 9,338,768 Uplink power control for physical uplink control channel
5 9,338,751 Method and device for controlling a transmit power in a user equipment
6 9,338,748 Techniques for managing idle state activity in mobile devices
7 9,338,656 Conditional limited service grant based on device verification
8 9,338,475 Tone mapping for bit-depth scalable video codec
9 9,338,439 Systems, methods, and computer program products for runtime adjustment of image warping parameters in a multi-camera system
10 9,338,385 Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
11 9,338,345 Reliability measurements for phase based autofocus
12 9,338,286 Methods and systems for real time display of caller location, profile, and trust relationship
13 9,338,265 Mobile device to operate in tablet mode and phone mode
14 9,338,261 Method for rapid PMA alignment in 100GBASE-KP4
15 9,338,135 Device, system and method of maintaining connectivity over a virtual private network (VPN)
16 9,338,032 Device and method for channel estimation and signal demodulation
17 9,337,999 Application usage continuum across platforms
18 9,337,974 User equipment generation and signaling of feedback for supporting adaptive demodulation reference signal transmission
19 9,337,952 Embedded resilient buffer
20 9,337,939 Optical IO interconnect having a WDM architecture and CDR clock sharing receiver
21 9,337,874 High-speed digital signal processing systems
22 9,337,734 DC-DC converter for envelope tracking
23 9,337,661 Power management system and method
24 9,337,628 Ionic cooling assembly for electronic device
25 9,337,521 Crosstalk reduction in signal lines by crosstalk introduction
26 9,337,336 Replacement metal gates to enhance tranistor strain
27 9,337,307 Method for fabricating transistor with thinned channel
28 9,337,291 Deep gate-all-around semiconductor device having germanium or group III-V active layer
29 9,336,873 Apparatus for time domain offset cancellation to improve sensing margin resistive memories
30 9,336,561 Color buffer caching
31 9,336,460 Adaptive motion instability detection in video
32 9,336,357 Secure access management of devices
33 9,336,175 Utilization-aware low-overhead link-width modulation for power reduction in interconnects
34 9,336,156 Method and apparatus for cache line state update in sectored cache with line state tracker
35 9,336,066 Hybrid linear validation algorithm for software transactional memory (STM) systems
36 9,336,040 Techniques for remapping sessions for a multi-threaded application
37 9,336,036 System method for memory virtualization control logic for translating virtual memory in space of guest memory based on translated codes in response to memory failure
38 9,336,008 Shared function multi-ported ROM apparatus and method
39 9,336,000 Instruction execution unit that broadcasts data values at different levels of granularity
40 9,335,996 Recycling error bits in floating point units
41 9,335,944 In-place change between transient and persistent state for data structures on non-volatile memory
42 9,335,943 Method and apparatus for fine grain memory protection
43 9,335,933 Equalization for high speed input/output (I/O) link
44 9,335,888 Full 3D interaction on mobile devices
45 9,335,814 Adaptively controlling low power mode operation for a cache memory
46 9,335,813 Method and system for run-time reallocation of leakage current and dynamic power supply current
47 9,335,808 Indicating critical battery status in mobile devices
48 9,335,804 Distributing power to heterogeneous compute elements of a processor
49 9,335,803 Calculating a dynamically changeable maximum operating voltage value for a processor based on a different polynomial equation using a set of coefficient values and a number of current active cores
50 9,335,373 Memory channel having deskew separate from redrive