Intel patents granted on 10 November 2015

50 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,185,640 Method and related mobile device for searching for a mobile network
2 9,185,620 Adaptive UL-DL configurations in a TDD heterogeneous network
3 9,185,233 Audio communication device and method using fixed echo cancellation filter coefficients
4 9,185,080 Data transmitting devices, data receiving devices, methods for controlling a data transmitting device, and methods for controlling a data receiving device
5 9,185,079 Method and apparatus to tunnel messages to storage devices by overloading read/write commands
6 9,185,034 Low latency communication via memory windows
7 9,184,957 High speed receivers circuits and methods
8 9,184,953 Programmable signal processing circuit and method of demodulating via a demapping instruction
9 9,184,897 Method of transmitting data and communication device
10 9,184,787 Preamble detection using vector processors
11 9,184,763 Capacitive digital to analog converter
12 9,184,712 Low power high-speed digital receiver
13 9,184,710 Digital predistortion of a power amplifier for signals comprising widely spaced carriers
14 9,184,699 Variable-size mixer for high gain range transmitter
15 9,184,627 Charging system for electronic device
16 9,184,502 Antenna integrated into a touch sensor of a touchscreen display
17 9,184,294 High mobility strained channels for fin-based transistors
18 9,183,829 Integrated accoustic phase array
19 9,183,709 Wearable device as an ambient information display
20 9,183,677 Context based management for secure augmented reality applications
21 9,183,652 Variable rasterization order for motion blur and depth of field
22 9,183,640 Method of and apparatus for low-complexity detection of periodic textures orientation
23 9,183,639 Image frame processing including usage of acceleration data in assisting object location
24 9,183,613 Adaptive remote computing
25 9,183,608 Image processing techniques for tile-based rasterization
26 9,183,513 Aggregration, standardization and extension of social networking contacts to enhance a television consumer experience
27 9,183,461 Systems and methods for row causal scan-order optimization stereo matching
28 9,183,391 Managing device driver cross ring accesses
29 9,183,390 Systems and methods for providing anti-malware protection on storage devices
30 9,183,379 Preventing malicious instruction execution
31 9,183,171 Fast deskew when exiting low-power partial-width high speed link state
32 9,183,164 USB hub with automatic communication mode switching
33 9,183,161 Apparatus and method for page walk extension for enhanced security checks
34 9,183,145 Data caching in a network communications processor architecture
35 9,183,144 Power gating a portion of a cache memory
36 9,183,109 Method and system for analyzing the performance of multi-threaded applications
37 9,183,091 Configuration information backup in memory systems
38 9,183,026 Supporting heterogeneous virtualization
39 9,183,014 Enabling virtual calls in a SIMD environment
40 9,182,988 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
41 9,182,987 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
42 9,182,986 Copy-on-write buffer for restoring program code from a speculative region to a non-speculative region
43 9,182,985 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
44 9,182,983 Executing unpack instruction and pack instruction with saturation on packed data elements from two source operand registers
45 9,182,826 Gesture-augmented speech recognition
46 9,182,817 Techniques for automated evaluation of 3D visual content
47 9,182,800 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic thermal management
48 9,182,544 Fabrication of planar light-wave circuits (PLCS) for optical I/O
49 9,182,240 Method, apparatus and system for mapping a course of a mobile device
50 9,180,541 Rotational-flow spray nozzle and process of using same