Intel patents granted on 11 December 2007

32 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,308,713 Link-lock device and method of monitoring and controlling a link for failures and intrusions
2 7,308,701 Web site load management
3 7,308,699 Maintaining access to a video stack after an application crash
4 7,308,682 Method and apparatus for recovering data values in dynamic runtime systems
5 7,308,610 Method and apparatus for handling errors in a processing system
6 7,308,607 Periodic checkpointing in a redundantly multi-threaded architecture
7 7,308,590 Automatic dynamic processor operating voltage control
8 7,308,576 Authenticated code module
9 7,308,571 Overriding processor configuration settings
10 7,308,563 Dual-target block register allocation
11 7,308,531 Hybrid mass storage system and method
12 7,308,526 Memory controller module having independent memory controllers for different memory types
13 7,308,510 Method and apparatus for avoiding live-lock in a multinode system
14 7,308,489 Visibility of media contents of UPnP media servers and initiating rendering via file system user interface
15 7,308,470 Smaller and lower power static mux circuitry in generating multiplier partial product signals
16 7,308,468 Pattern matching
17 7,308,372 Phase jitter measurement circuit
18 7,308,371 Bit error rate testing for high-speed devices
19 7,308,067 Read bias scheme for phase change memories
20 7,308,047 Symbol de-mapping methods in multiple-input multiple-output systems
21 7,308,025 Transmitters providing cycle encoded signals
22 7,307,986 State record processing
23 7,307,952 Method and apparatus to determine whether data flow is restricted by a sending node, a receiving node, or by a network
24 7,307,900 Method and apparatus for optimizing strobe to clock relationship
25 7,307,899 Reducing power consumption in integrated circuits
26 7,307,492 Design, layout and method of manufacture for a circuit that taps a differential signal
27 7,307,331 Integrated radio front-end module with embedded circuit elements
28 7,307,295 Method and an apparatus for a hard-coded bit value changeable in any layer of metal
29 7,307,141 Thermoresponsive sensor comprising a polymer solution
30 7,307,005 Wafer bonding with highly compliant plate having filler material enclosed hollow core
31 7,306,956 Variable temperature and dose atomic layer deposition
32 7,306,378 Method and apparatus providing an electrical-optical coupler