Intel patents granted on 11 January 2011

20 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,870,565 Systems and methods for secure host resource management
2 7,870,545 Protecting shared variables in a software transactional memory system
3 7,870,382 Auditable and track-able key distribution and installation system and method for wireless networks
4 7,870,373 System and method for automatic update of embedded data
5 7,870,363 Methods and arrangements to remap non-volatile storage
6 7,870,268 Method, system, and program for managing data transmission through a network
7 7,870,081 Parallelization of bayesian network structure learning
8 7,869,809 Radio resource measurement and estimation
9 7,869,660 Parallel entropy encoding of dependent image blocks
10 7,869,334 Seek-scan probe (SSP) memory with sharp probe tips formed at CMOS-compatible temperatures
11 7,869,228 Power delivery systems and methods with dynamic look-up table
12 7,868,897 Apparatus and method for memory address re-mapping of graphics data
13 7,868,318 Quantum well field-effect transistors with composite spacer structures, apparatus made therewith, and methods of using same
14 7,867,891 Dual metal interconnects for improved gap-fill, reliability, and reduced capacitance
15 7,867,863 Method for forming self-aligned source and drain contacts using a selectively passivated metal gate
16 7,867,843 Gate structures for flash memory and methods of making same
17 7,867,787 Forming inductor and transformer structures with magnetic materials using damascene processing for integrated circuits
18 7,867,786 Ferroelectric layer with domains stabilized by strain
19 7,867,687 Methods and compositions for reducing line wide roughness
20 7,867,003 Wire bale independent load mechanism