Intel patents granted on 11 March 2014

13 US patents granted on 11 March 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,671,439 Techniques for authenticated posture reporting and associated enforcement of network access
2 8,671,430 Linking to video information
3 8,671,400 Performance analysis of software executing in different sessions
4 8,671,309 Mechanism for advanced server machine check recovery and associated system software enhancements
5 8,671,275 Mechanism to handle events in a machine with isolated execution
6 8,671,225 Method and apparatus for supporting universal serial bus devices in a virtualized environment
7 8,670,757 Apparatus, system and method capable of integrating a cellular phone stack in an extended firmware interface (EFI) layer
8 8,670,434 Dynamic CTA adjustment across superframes in a wireless network
9 8,669,992 Shared virtual memory between a host and discrete graphics device in a computing system
10 8,669,990 Sharing resources between a CPU and GPU
11 8,669,979 Multi-core processor supporting real-time 3D image rendering on an autostereoscopic display
12 8,669,977 Hierarchical mesh quantization that facilitates efficient ray tracing
13 8,669,617 Multi-gate transistors