Intel patents granted on 11 November 2014

39 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,887,267 Providing integrity verification and attestation in a hidden execution environment
2 8,887,174 Mechanism for monitoring instruction set based thread execution on a plurality of instruction sequencers
3 8,887,171 Mechanisms to avoid inefficient core hopping and provide hardware assisted low-power state selection
4 8,886,979 Methods and apparatuses for reducing step loads of processors
5 8,886,967 Adaptive voltage positioning logic for voltage regulators
6 8,886,929 Generating a chain of trust for a virtual endpoint
7 8,886,894 Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
8 8,886,741 Receive queue models to reduce I/O cache consumption
9 8,886,730 Methods and devices for authorization in collaborative communications sessions
10 8,886,513 Embedded bus emulation
11 8,886,230 Systems and methods for service set identifier-based location detection
12 8,886,143 RF transceiver and modem comprising such a transceiver
13 8,885,819 Fuse attestation to secure the provisioning of secret keys during integrated circuit manufacturing
14 8,885,788 Reducing settling time in phase-locked loops
15 8,885,778 Techniques to manage processing of multiple input multiple output communications
16 8,885,775 Dynamic optimization of carrier recovery performance for communication systems
17 8,885,753 Method for transmitting a data signal in a MIMO system
18 8,885,752 Method and apparatus for feedback in 3D MIMO wireless systems
19 8,885,745 Distortion-aware multiple input multiple output communications
20 8,885,735 Methods and apparatus for signaling on a differential link
21 8,885,673 Interleaving data packets in a packet-based communication system
22 8,885,651 Communication device and method for releasing communication resources
23 8,885,627 Device, system and method of scanning a wireless communication frequency band
24 8,885,621 Method, apparatus and system for switching traffic streams among multiple bands
25 8,885,565 Mixed off-site/on-site prediction computation for reducing wireless reconnection time of a computing device
26 8,885,555 System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords
27 8,885,547 Power-efficient media access techniques for wireless networks
28 8,885,530 Method and system for power management in an ad hoc network
29 8,885,526 HARQ/ACK codebook size determination
30 8,885,512 Method and devices for multiple station sounding in a wireless local area network
31 8,885,382 Compact socket connection to cross-point array
32 8,884,986 Method and terminal for providing different image information in accordance with the angle of a terminal, and computer-readable recording medium
33 8,884,906 Offloading touch processing to a graphics processor
34 8,884,835 Antenna system, method and mobile communication device
35 8,884,696 Control circuit and method for controlling an operation of a power amplifier
36 8,884,586 Balancing power supply and demand
37 8,884,438 Magnetic microinductors for integrated circuit packaging
38 8,883,573 Isolation for nanowire devices
39 8,883,091 Hydrodynamic focusing devices