Intel patents granted on 11 October 2011

23 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,037,510 Techniques for negotiation of security policies in wireless mesh networks
2 8,037,466 Method and apparatus for merging critical sections
3 8,037,465 Thread-data affinity optimization using compiler
4 8,037,375 Fast data eye retraining for a memory
5 8,037,334 Dynamic power control for reduced voltage level of graphics controller component of memory controller based on its degree of idleness
6 8,037,326 Power control unit with digitally supplied system parameters
7 8,037,314 Replacing blinded authentication authority
8 8,037,231 Memory architecture for separation of code and data in a memory device
9 8,037,230 Providing a peripheral component interconnect (PCI)-compatible transaction level protocol for a system on a chip (SoC)
10 8,036,702 Method and apparatus for multicarrier communication in wireless systems
11 8,036,670 Method and apparatus for concurrent WiMAX and GSM operation
12 8,036,391 Automatic adjustments of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels
13 8,036,319 Direct conversion receiver and method for correcting phase imbalance therein
14 8,036,305 Precoder design for different channel lengths
15 8,036,246 Packet coalescing
16 8,036,115 Synchronization of multiple incoming network communication streams
17 8,036,098 Wireless network and method for adaptive opportunistic clustering for interference alignment in wireless networks
18 8,035,802 Method and apparatus for lithographic imaging using asymmetric illumination
19 8,035,631 Codec control
20 8,035,526 Remotely configurable assisted-living notification system with gradient proximity sensitivity
21 8,035,218 Microelectronic package and method of manufacturing same
22 8,035,216 Integrated circuit package and method of manufacturing same
23 8,034,675 Semiconductor buffer architecture for III-V devices on silicon substrates