Intel patents granted on 11 October 2016

53 US patents granted on 11 October 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,467,926 Apparatus, method, and system of establishing a connection between a cellular node and a core network
2 9,467,921 Systems, devices, and methods for long term evolution and wireless local area interworking
3 9,467,909 Techniques for relocating a backhaul channel between a small cell base station and a macro cell base station
4 9,467,850 Handheld device association via shared vibration
5 9,467,819 Multicast service using unicast subframe
6 9,467,680 Calibration of a three-dimensional acquisition system
7 9,467,520 Integrated learning application
8 9,467,512 Techniques for remote client access to a storage medium coupled with a server
9 9,467,511 Techniques for use of vendor defined messages to execute a command to access a storage device
10 9,467,430 Device, method, and system for secure trust anchor provisioning and protection using tamper-resistant hardware
11 9,467,425 Key refresh between trusted units
12 9,467,296 Virally distributable trusted messaging
13 9,467,279 Instructions and logic to provide SIMD SM4 cryptographic block cipher functionality
14 9,467,275 MAC protocol for full duplex wireless communications
15 9,467,269 Systems and methods for modulation and coding scheme selection and configuration
16 9,467,260 Methods, devices, and computer readable media for dynamic scheduling
17 9,467,217 Native medium access control support for beamforming
18 9,467,158 Apparatus and a method for providing oscillator signals
19 9,467,116 Broad band diplexer using suspended strip-line capacitor technology
20 9,467,095 Switchable dual core power amplifier
21 9,467,034 Electromagnetic actuator for optical device to reduce temperature and deformation
22 9,466,662 Energy storage devices formed with porous silicon
23 9,466,595 Fabrication of stacked die and structures formed thereby
24 9,466,565 Self-aligned contacts
25 9,466,365 Path isolation in a memory device
26 9,466,296 Initiation of action upon recognition of a partial voice command
27 9,466,142 Facial movement based avatar animation
28 9,466,124 Compression using index bits in MSAA
29 9,466,090 Subset based compression and decompression of graphics data
30 9,465,946 Identification and execution of subsets of a plurality of instructions in a more secure execution environment
31 9,465,945 Media service delivery system providing conditional access to media content from various client devices
32 9,465,933 Virtualizing a hardware monotonic counter
33 9,465,923 Blackouts architecture
34 9,465,751 Efficient locking of memory pages
35 9,465,680 Method and apparatus for processor performance monitoring
36 9,465,674 Direct memory (DMA) based access to a device on a remote machine using stub driver and by synchronizing the DMA buffer
37 9,465,670 Generational thread scheduler using reservations for fair scheduling
38 9,465,647 Providing state storage in a processor for system management mode selectively enabled by register bit instead of external SMRAM
39 9,465,629 Dynamic linking and loading of post-processing kernels
40 9,465,623 Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack
41 9,465,620 Scalable compute fabric
42 9,465,612 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing delta encoding on packed data elements
43 9,465,580 Math circuit for estimating a transcendental function
44 9,465,470 Controlling primary and secondary displays from a single touchscreen
45 9,465,437 Method and apparatus for controlling screen by tracking head of user through camera module, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
46 9,465,418 Method and apparatus for configurable thermal management
47 9,465,413 Keyboard configuration for an electronic device
48 9,465,374 Computer system performance management with control variables, performance metrics and/or desirability functions
49 9,465,240 Optical absorption based device
50 9,465,237 Automatic focus prescription lens eyeglasses
51 9,465,212 Flexible defocus blur for stochastic rasterization
52 9,465,107 Sonic-assisted localization of wireless devices
53 9,464,109 Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins