Intel patents granted on 11 September 2007

39 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,269,850 Systems and methods for detecting and tracing denial of service attacks
2 7,269,842 Time shifting enhanced television triggers
3 7,269,840 Method of measuring goodness of a module schedule for a carousel
4 7,269,827 Method and apparatus for compiling code
5 7,269,775 Correcting for data losses with feedback and response
6 7,269,768 Method and system to provide debugging of a computer system from firmware
7 7,269,756 Customizable event creation logic for hardware monitoring
8 7,269,754 Method and apparatus for flexible and programmable clock crossing control with dynamic compensation
9 7,269,744 System and method for safeguarding data between a device driver and a device
10 7,269,721 Method, system, and apparatus for booting with remote configuration data
11 7,269,711 Methods and apparatus for address generation in processors
12 7,269,698 Hierarchical virtual model of a cache hierarchy in a multiprocessor system
13 7,269,666 Memory utilization in a network interface
14 7,269,663 Tagging packets with a lookup key to facilitate usage of a unified packet forwarding cache
15 7,269,629 Method and apparatus for distributing notification among cooperating devices and device channels
16 7,269,627 Routing messages using presence information
17 7,269,614 Secure hardware random number generator
18 7,269,554 Method, apparatus, and system for efficient rate control in audio encoding
19 7,269,481 Method and apparatus for memory bandwidth thermal budgetting
20 7,269,406 Methods and apparatus for providing information indicative of traffic delay of a wireless link
21 7,269,179 Control mechanisms for enqueue and dequeue operations in a pipelined network processor
22 7,269,173 Roaming in a communications network
23 7,269,142 Managing tone clamping in a network
24 7,269,088 Identical chips with different operations in a system
25 7,269,025 Ballout for buffer
26 7,269,008 Cooling apparatus and method
27 7,269,005 Pumped loop cooling with remote heat exchanger and display cooling
28 7,268,935 Projection system
29 7,268,779 Z-buffering techniques for graphics rendering
30 7,268,755 Architecture for smart LCD panel interface
31 7,268,569 Leakage current management
32 7,268,425 Thermally enhanced electronic flip-chip packaging with external-connector-side die and method
33 7,268,077 Carbon nanotube reinforced metallic layer
34 7,268,075 Method to reduce the copper line roughness for increased electrical conductivity of narrow interconnects (<100nm)
35 7,268,058 Tri-gate transistors and methods to fabricate same
36 7,268,020 Embedded heat spreader
37 7,268,015 Method for wafer stacking using copper structures of substantially uniform height
38 7,267,260 Apparatus for holding a fiber array
39 RE39,837 Method and apparatus for adjusting a power consumption level based on the amount of time a processor clock is stopped