Intel patents granted on 12 April 2016

63 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D753,654 Wearable electronic display device
2 9,313,875 Conformal coating including embedded thermal energy absorbing material
3 9,313,814 Establishing wireless communication via proximity detection
4 9,313,812 User equipment and evolved node-B supporting machine type communication and small data communication
5 9,313,811 Wireless station and methods for TOF positioning using reverse-direction grant
6 9,313,803 Systems and methods for efficient traffic offload without service disruption
7 9,313,802 Communication of security key information
8 9,313,779 Uplink control information transmission with large number of bits
9 9,313,747 Structured codebook for uniform circular array (UCA)
10 9,313,741 Methods and arrangements to coordinate communications in a wireless network
11 9,313,722 System and method for determination of proximity between wireless devices
12 9,313,700 Fast handover method for cross sector scenario in mobile communication systems
13 9,313,695 Radio communication devices, network devices, methods for controlling a radio communication device, and methods for controlling a network device
14 9,313,665 Coordination of spectrum usage rights among entities
15 9,313,610 On demand customization of mobile computing devices
16 9,313,497 Systems, methods, and computer program products for transform coefficient sub-sampling
17 9,313,491 Chroma motion vector processing apparatus, system, and method
18 9,313,454 Automated privacy adjustments to video conferencing streams
19 9,313,420 Intelligent computational imaging system
20 9,313,301 Systems, methods, and apparatus for a low rate PHY structure
21 9,313,228 Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display
22 9,313,141 Transmit scaling using multiple queues
23 9,313,119 Network routing based on resource availability
24 9,313,086 Creating packet flows to reduce redundancy
25 9,313,075 Methods and arrangements for channel updates in wireless networks
26 9,313,002 Method for determining a channel estimate and communication device
27 9,312,908 Universal IO connector and interface capable of both wired and wireless operation
28 9,312,876 Asynchronous low-power analog-to-digital converter circuit with configurable thresholds
29 9,312,875 Signal processing apparatus and method for processing a signal
30 9,312,824 Low noise low-dropout regulator
31 9,312,594 Lightweight cavity filter and radio subsystem structures
32 9,312,237 Integrated circuit package with spatially varied solder resist opening dimension
33 9,312,233 Method of forming molded panel embedded die structure
34 9,312,204 Methods of forming parallel wires of different metal materials through double patterning and fill techniques
35 9,312,198 Chip package-in-package and method thereof
36 9,312,018 Sensing with boost
37 9,311,983 Dynamically applying refresh overcharge voltage to extend refresh cycle time
38 9,311,696 Color enhancement for graphic images
39 9,311,512 Apparatus and method to harden computer system
40 9,311,508 Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to change addresses of pages of secure enclaves
41 9,311,507 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
42 9,311,458 Secure direct memory access
43 9,311,456 Auto-negotiation of content formats using a secure component model
44 9,311,250 Techniques for memory de-duplication in a virtual system
45 9,311,245 Dynamic cache sharing based on power state
46 9,311,243 Emulated message signaled interrupts in multiprocessor systems
47 9,311,241 Method and apparatus to write modified cache data to a backing store while retaining write permissions
48 9,311,239 Power efficient level one data cache access with pre-validated tags
49 9,311,203 Circuit arrangement and method for testing same
50 9,311,177 Mechanism to support reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) flows in a peer monitor
51 9,311,145 Using platform idle duration information to notify platform devices of upcoming active periods
52 9,311,143 Methods and systems to identify and reproduce concurrency violations in multi-threaded programs
53 9,311,138 System management interrupt handling for multi-core processors
54 9,311,110 Techniques to initialize from a remotely accessible storage device
55 9,311,085 Compiler assisted low power and high performance load handling based on load types
56 9,310,881 Methods and apparatus for facilitating multi-user computer interaction
57 9,310,875 Instruction that specifies an application thread performance state
58 9,310,871 Power management of periodic transmissions from networking applications
59 9,310,565 Cloaking system with waveguides
60 9,310,553 Optical connection techniques and configurations
61 9,310,465 Systems and methods for reducing variations in received signal strength indicator (RSSI) measurements for location sensing
62 9,309,707 Hinge assembly for electronic device
63 9,308,444 Graphical simulation of objects in a virtual environment