Intel patents granted on 12 February 2008

17 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 RE40,056 Methods of controlling communication parameters of wireless systems
2 7,331,050 System and method for communicating information between application programs
3 7,331,002 Navigating breakpoints in a program in a debugging mode
4 7,330,998 Data integrity verification
5 7,330,993 Slew rate control mechanism
6 7,330,983 Temperature-aware steering mechanism
7 7,330,972 Remote management device key administration using network adapters
8 7,330,963 Resolving all previous potentially excepting architectural operations before issuing store architectural operation
9 7,330,954 Storing information in one of at least two storage devices based on a storage parameter and an attribute of the storage devices
10 7,330,939 Determining an amount of data read from a storage medium
11 7,330,510 Method for displaying base frames during video data decompression
12 7,330,357 Integrated circuit die/package interconnect
13 7,330,252 Porous silicon on-chip spectroscopy system
14 7,330,118 Apparatus and method capable of secure wireless configuration and provisioning
15 7,329,946 I/O architecture for integrated circuit package
16 7,329,913 Nonplanar transistors with metal gate electrodes
17 7,329,588 Forming a reticle for extreme ultraviolet radiation and structures formed thereby