Intel patents granted on 12 February 2013

32 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,375,430 Roaming secure authenticated network access method and apparatus
2 8,375,380 In-system reconfiguring of hardware resources
3 8,375,242 Clock and data recovery (CDR) method and apparatus
4 8,375,241 Method and system to improve the operations of a registered memory module
5 8,375,220 Methods and systems for secure remote wake, boot, and login to a computer from a mobile device
6 8,375,210 Automatic configuration of devices upon introduction into a networked environment
7 8,375,205 Techniques for communicating information over management channels
8 8,375,189 Configuring levels of program/erase protection in flash devices
9 8,375,184 Mirroring data between redundant storage controllers of a storage system
10 8,375,077 Method, apparatus and media for performing GF(2) polynomial operations
11 8,374,875 Providing programming information in response to spoken requests
12 8,374,300 Circuit, controller and methods for dynamic estimation and cancellation of phase and gain imbalances in quardrature signal paths of a receiver
13 8,374,297 Circuit, controller and methods for dynamic estimation and cancellation of phase and gain imbalances in quadrature signal paths of a receiver
14 8,374,279 Modulation device for a transmission path, method for signal processing in a transmission path, and transmission path having the modulation device
15 8,374,233 IQ-modulation system and method for switched amplifiers
16 8,374,211 Method for data transmission and communication system
17 8,374,154 Device, system and method of simultaneously communicating with a group of wireless communication devices
18 8,374,142 Link adaptation in directional wireless networks
19 8,374,116 Method and apparatus to establish communication with wireless communication networks
20 8,374,100 Method and system for multiband rate scaling
21 8,374,022 Programming phase change memories using ovonic threshold switches
22 8,373,778 High speed noise detection and reduction in active pixel sensor arrays
23 8,373,725 Method for providing information on object which is not included in visual field of terminal device, terminal device and computer readable recording medium
24 8,373,716 Parallel approximation of distance maps
25 8,373,583 Compression producing output exhibiting compression ratio that is at least equal to desired compression ratio
26 8,373,472 Digital PLL with automatic clock alignment
27 8,373,259 Optical connection through single assembly overhang flip chip optics die with micro structure alignment
28 8,373,217 Epitaxial fabrication of fins for FinFET devices
29 8,373,154 Strained transistor integration for CMOS
30 8,373,074 Integrated inductor
31 8,372,666 Misalignment correction for embedded microelectronic die applications
32 8,372,585 Electronic sensing for nucleic acid sequencing