Intel patents granted on 12 January 2016

51 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D747,317 Multi-purpose handle for a portable computing device with thermal venting
2 D747,295 In-ear headphone
3 9,237,659 BGA structure using CTF balls in high stress regions
4 9,237,591 Techniques enabling use of a Wi-Fi direct services (WFDS) application services platform (ASP) for layer 2 services
5 9,237,544 Methods and arrangements to communicate environmental information for localization
6 9,237,481 Methods and arrangements for traffic indication map segmentation in wireless networks
7 9,237,478 Discontinuous reception (DRX) reconfiguration
8 9,237,476 Methods and apparatus for providing information indicative of traffic delay of a wireless link
9 9,237,435 Femtocell discovery and association in cellular networks
10 9,237,420 Mobile device and geographic information system background and summary of the related art
11 9,237,383 Peer to peer streaming of DVR buffered program data
12 9,237,216 Techniques for wirelessly docking to a device
13 9,237,209 Time-slotted data packets with a preamble
14 9,237,154 Secure and automatic connection to wireless network
15 9,237,000 Transceiver clock architecture with transmit PLL and receive slave delay lines
16 9,236,982 PDSCH resource element mapping for three-cell joint transmission
17 9,236,948 Power management implementation in an optical link
18 9,236,911 Secure transfer of whiteboard content
19 9,236,562 Balancing energy barrier between states in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
20 9,236,476 Techniques and configuration for stacking transistors of an integrated circuit device
21 9,236,366 High density organic bridge device and method
22 9,236,342 Self-aligned via and plug patterning with photobuckets for back end of line (BEOL) interconnects
23 9,236,323 Integrated heat spreader for multi-chip packages
24 9,236,292 Selective area deposition of metal films by atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
25 9,236,144 For-test apparatuses and techniques
26 9,236,143 Generic address scrambler for memory circuit test engine
27 9,236,136 Lower page read for multi-level cell memory
28 9,236,110 Row hammer refresh command
29 9,236,054 System and method for controlling audio data processing
30 9,235,983 Apparatus and methods for group-based reactive service discovery
31 9,235,926 Techniques for improving MSAA rendering efficiency
32 9,235,917 Systems and methods for video/multimedia rendering, composition, and user-interactivity
33 9,235,845 Intelligent remote control system
34 9,235,719 Apparatus, system, and method for providing memory access control
35 9,235,707 Methods and arrangements to launch trusted, coexisting environments
36 9,235,550 Caching for heterogeneous processors
37 9,235,520 Protocol for conflicting memory transactions
38 9,235,497 Method and system for detecting concurrency programming errors in kernel modules and device drivers
39 9,235,417 Real time instruction tracing compression of RET instructions
40 9,235,415 Permute operations with flexible zero control
41 9,235,414 SIMD integer multiply-accumulate instruction for multi-precision arithmetic
42 9,235,323 Techniques for management and presentation of content
43 9,235,303 Micro deflectors on touch sensor
44 9,235,260 Camera command set host command translation
45 9,235,258 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor
46 9,235,256 Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
47 9,235,254 Controlling temperature of multiple domains of a multi-domain processor using a cross-domain margin
48 9,235,252 Dynamic balancing of power across a plurality of processor domains according to power policy control bias
49 9,235,244 Configuring power management functionality in a processor
50 9,235,007 Connector optical lens with alignment features
51 9,233,835 Shaped and oriented solder joints