Intel patents granted on 12 July 2011

21 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,979,702 Protecting privacy of networked devices containing management subsystems
2 7,979,699 Processing capacity on demand
3 7,979,624 Techniques to truncate data files in nonvolatile memory
4 7,979,608 Lane to lane deskewing via non-data symbol processing for a serial point to point link
5 7,979,507 Transmit scaling using multiple queues
6 7,979,486 Methods and apparatus for extracting integer remainders
7 7,979,234 Method and system for deterministic throttling for thermal management
8 7,979,083 Reducing interference from closely proximate wireless units
9 7,979,079 Single point location tracking for a mobile device in a communication network
10 7,979,039 Pre-distorting a transmitted signal for offset cancellation
11 7,979,032 Estimating statistical properties of noise in modulated data carrier signals
12 7,978,846 Scale-invariant barrett reduction for elliptic-curve cyrptography
13 7,978,780 Adaptive cyclic delay diversity for mobile devices
14 7,978,735 Single chip tuner integrated circuit for use in a cable modem
15 7,978,673 Channel allocation based on random plus planned processes
16 7,978,659 Method and apparatus of connectivity recovery in a wireless network
17 7,978,054 Apparatus, systems, and methods to support service calls
18 7,977,581 Shifted segment layout for differential signal traces to mitigate bundle weave effect
19 7,977,248 Double patterning with single hard mask
20 7,977,228 Methods for the formation of interconnects separated by air gaps
21 7,976,691 Fabrication and use of semipermeable membranes and gels for the control of electrolysis