Intel patents granted on 12 July 2016

67 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,392,614 Listen before talk for cellular in unlicensed band
2 9,392,545 Power-efficient wireless data transfer
3 9,392,539 User equipment and method for feedback of user equipment performance metrics during dynamic radio switching
4 9,392,531 Application specific congestion control in a wireless network
5 9,392,519 Apparatus, system and method of tunneling data radio bearers via a wireless local area network link
6 9,392,496 Apparatus and system for multi-mode wireless communication
7 9,392,273 Adaptive data transmission rate control for a wireless display device
8 9,392,189 Mechanism for facilitating fast and efficient calculations for hybrid camera arrays
9 9,392,062 Optimized ring protocols and techniques
10 9,391,997 Message processing apparatus, wireless device and method of storing a message in a wireless device
11 9,391,967 Authentication for network access related applications
12 9,391,913 Express virtual channels in an on-chip interconnection network
13 9,391,909 Apparatus, method and system of rate adaptation based on goodput
14 9,391,845 System, method and apparatus for improving the performance of collective operations in high performance computing
15 9,391,678 Millimeter-wave communication device and method for intelligent control of transmit power and power density
16 9,391,637 Error correcting code scheme utilizing reserved space
17 9,391,617 Hardware-embedded key based on random variations of a stress-hardened inegrated circuit
18 9,391,600 Voltage level shift with charge pump assist
19 9,391,453 Power management in multi-die assemblies
20 9,391,447 Interposer to regulate current for wafer test tooling
21 9,391,427 Thermal management in packaged VCSELs
22 9,391,378 High bandwidth connector for internal and external IO interfaces
23 9,391,368 Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
24 9,391,367 Apparatus, system and method of steering an antenna array
25 9,391,361 Arrangements for beam refinement in a wireless network
26 9,391,262 Nanomagnetic devices switched with a spin hall effect
27 9,391,181 Lattice mismatched hetero-epitaxial film
28 9,391,025 Reliable microstrip routing for electronics components
29 9,391,019 Scalable interconnect structures with selective via posts
30 9,391,018 Crosstalk polarity reversal and cancellation through substrate material tuning
31 9,391,013 3D integrated circuit package with window interposer
32 9,390,968 Low temperature thin wafer backside vacuum process with backgrinding tape
33 9,390,932 Electropositive metal containing layers for semiconductor applications
34 9,390,861 Capacitance bank systems and methods
35 9,390,785 Method, apparatus and system for determining a write recovery time of a memory based on temperature
36 9,390,550 Culling for higher-order motion blur rasterization
37 9,390,541 Programmable tile shader
38 9,390,539 Performing parallel shading operations
39 9,390,478 Real time skin smoothing image enhancement filter
40 9,390,463 Techniques for reducing memory bandwidth for display composition
41 9,390,462 Memory mapping for a graphics processing unit
42 9,390,380 Continuous interaction learning and detection in real-time
43 9,390,320 Performing hand gesture recognition using 2D image data
44 9,390,291 Secure key derivation and cryptography logic for integrated circuits
45 9,390,251 Delivering data from a range of input devices over a secure path to trusted services in a secure element
46 9,390,248 Systems and methods for authenticating access to an operating system by a user before the operating system is booted using a wireless communication token
47 9,390,246 Creating secure original equipment manufacturer (OEM) identification
48 9,390,046 Controlling a physical link of a first protocol using an extended capability structure of a second protocol
49 9,390,039 Providing a fine-grained arbitration system
50 9,390,031 Page coloring to associate memory pages with programs
51 9,390,010 Cache management
52 9,389,976 Distributed persistent memory using asynchronous streaming of log records
53 9,389,942 Determine when an error log was created
54 9,389,906 Latency agnostic transaction buffer for request-grant protocols
55 9,389,871 Combined floating point multiplier adder with intermediate rounding logic
56 9,389,861 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for mapping a source operand to a different range
57 9,389,858 Orderly storing of corresponding packed bytes from first and second source registers in result register
58 9,389,794 Managing consistent data objects
59 9,389,779 Depth-based user interface gesture control
60 9,389,709 Multi-function tablet pen input device
61 9,389,668 Power optimization for distributed computing system
62 9,389,657 Reset of multi-core processing system
63 9,389,646 Keyboard protection mechanism
64 9,389,628 Digitally controlled buck-boost regulator having a custom mapping controller
65 9,389,300 Mechanism for employing and facilitating geodetic triangulation for determining global positioning of computing devices
66 9,389,274 Alternating current coupled electronic component test system and method
67 9,389,064 Inline inspection of the contact between conductive traces and substrate for hidden defects using white light interferometer with tilted objective lens