Intel patents granted on 12 October 2010

22 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,814,531 Detection of network environment for network access control
2 7,814,496 Method and system for replicating schedules with regard to a host controller for virtualization
3 7,814,485 System and method for adaptive power management based on processor utilization and cache misses
4 7,814,469 Speculative multi-threading for instruction prefetch and/or trace pre-build
5 7,814,392 System, apparatus and methods of dynamically determined error correction codes in communication systems
6 7,814,371 Apparatus and method for point-to-point interconnect testing
7 7,814,366 On-demand CPU licensing activation
8 7,814,339 Leakage power estimation
9 7,814,292 Memory attribute speculation
10 7,814,219 Method, apparatus, system, and article of manufacture for grouping packets
11 7,814,148 User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
12 7,814,138 Method and apparatus for decimal number addition using hardware for binary number operations
13 7,813,562 Low-latency remote display rendering using tile-based rendering systems
14 7,813,507 Method and system for creating random cryptographic keys in hardware
15 7,813,457 Device, system and method for detecting and handling co-channel interference
16 7,813,432 Offset buffer for intra-prediction of digital video
17 7,813,288 Transaction detection in link based computing system
18 7,812,750 Sigma-delta converter noise cancellation
19 7,812,631 Sleep transistor array apparatus and method with leakage control circuitry
20 7,812,455 Interconnect in low-k interlayer dielectrics
21 7,812,394 CMOS transistor junction regions formed by a CVD etching and deposition sequence
22 7,810,234 Method of forming a thin film capacitor