Intel patents granted on 13 December 2011

33 US patents granted on 13 December 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,079,058 Broadcasting and processing multiple data formats
2 8,079,056 Synchronizing a media center on a correct channel
3 8,079,035 Data structure and management techniques for local user-level thread data
4 8,079,034 Optimizing processor-managed resources based on the behavior of a virtual machine monitor
5 8,079,031 Method, apparatus, and a system for dynamically configuring a prefetcher based on a thread specific latency metric
6 8,079,011 Printed circuit boards having pads for solder balls and methods for the implementation thereof
7 8,078,891 Method, device, and system for guaranteed minimum processor power state dwell time
8 8,078,876 Apparatus and method for direct anonymous attestation from bilinear maps
9 8,078,873 Two-way authentication between two communication endpoints using a one-way out-of-band (OOB) channel
10 8,078,862 Method for assigning physical data address range in multiprocessor system
11 8,078,836 Vector shuffle instructions operating on multiple lanes each having a plurality of data elements using a common set of per-lane control bits
12 8,078,831 Method and apparatus for affinity-guided speculative helper threads in chip multiprocessors
13 8,078,824 Method for dynamic load balancing on partitioned systems
14 8,078,807 Accelerating software lookups by using buffered or ephemeral stores
15 8,078,801 Obscuring memory access patterns
16 8,078,743 Pipelined processing of RDMA-type network transactions
17 8,078,662 Multiplier product generation based on encoded data from addressable location
18 8,078,586 Accessing file data stored in non-volatile re-programmable semiconductor memories
19 8,078,216 Wireless device content information theft protection system
20 8,078,212 Method and apparatus for allocating power in a MU-MIMO communication system
21 8,078,185 User group-based adaptive soft frequency reuse method to mitigate downlink interference for wireless cellular networks
22 8,078,171 Handoff of a mobile station from a first to a second type of wireless network
23 8,077,993 Error diffusion-based image processing
24 8,077,802 Device, system, and method of resource allocation in a wireless network
25 8,077,796 Methods and arrangements for communicating in a multiple input multiple output system
26 8,077,684 Personal area network implementation within an infrastructure network
27 8,077,657 Keep-alive handling in a wireless network
28 8,077,642 Methods and apparatus for signal echo cancellation and transmitter calibration in full duplex systems
29 8,077,157 Device, system, and method of wireless transfer of files
30 8,077,095 Multi-band highly isolated planar antennas integrated with front-end modules for mobile applications
31 8,076,776 Integrated circuit package having security feature and method of manufacturing same
32 8,076,664 Phase change memory with layered insulator
33 8,074,354 Method of making a self-balanced dual L-shaped socket