Intel patents granted on 13 December 2016

47 US patents granted on 13 December 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,521,751 Weaved electrical components in a substrate package core
2 9,521,658 Communication device and method for receiving information
3 9,521,648 Location estimation and wireless display device connection method and device
4 9,521,576 System and method of performance measurements for wireless local area network access points
5 9,521,552 Method and apparatus to use smart phones to securely and conveniently monitor intel pcs remotely
6 9,521,532 Communication terminal device and method for controlling
7 9,521,449 Techniques for audio synchronization
8 9,521,358 Content adaptive telecine and interlace reverser
9 9,521,265 Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
10 9,521,192 Apparatus, system and method of communicating traffic to a plurality of peer to peer devices
11 9,521,180 Adaptive variable fidelity media distribution system and method
12 9,521,126 Processing data privately in the cloud
13 9,521,125 Pseudonymous remote attestation utilizing a chain-of-trust
14 9,521,108 Techniques enabling efficient synchronized authenticated network access
15 9,521,021 Adaptive backchannel equalization
16 9,520,918 Login via near field communication with automatically generated login information
17 9,520,917 Antenna configuration to facilitate near field coupling
18 9,520,895 Low power analog to digital converter
19 9,520,890 Dual digital to time converter (DTC) based differential correlated double sampling DTC calibration
20 9,520,877 Apparatus and method for detecting or repairing minimum delay errors
21 9,520,841 Transmit circuit, method for adjusting a bias of a power amplifier and method for adapting the provision of a bias information
22 9,520,744 Reducing power losses in a redundant power supply system
23 9,520,650 Combination LTE and WiGig antenna
24 9,520,494 Vertical non-planar semiconductor device for system-on-chip (SoC) applications
25 9,520,402 Provision of etch stop for wordlines in a memory device
26 9,520,399 Floating body memory cell having gates favoring different conductivity type regions
27 9,520,378 Thermal matched composite die
28 9,520,376 Bumpless build-up layer package including an integrated heat spreader
29 9,520,350 Bumpless build-up layer (BBUL) semiconductor package with ultra-thin dielectric layer
30 9,520,193 Hierarchical immutable content-addressable memory processor
31 9,520,192 Resistive memory write operation with merged reset
32 9,520,128 Frame skipping with extrapolation and outputs on demand neural network for automatic speech recognition
33 9,520,105 Power savings for display panels
34 9,520,048 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
35 9,519,973 Enabling use of three-dimensional locations of features images
36 9,519,946 Partial tile rendering
37 9,519,937 System and method for social network access
38 9,519,803 Secure environment for graphics processing units
39 9,519,773 Returning to a control transfer instruction
40 9,519,768 Eye movement based knowledge demonstration
41 9,519,609 On-package input/output architecture
42 9,519,467 Efficient and consistent software transactional memory
43 9,519,429 Techniques to manage multiple sequential write streams to a solid state drive
44 9,519,328 Techniques for selectively reducing power levels of ports and core switch logic in infiniband switches
45 9,519,324 Local power gate (LPG) interfaces for power-aware operations
46 9,519,309 Hinge configuration for an electronic device
47 9,517,776 Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling devices based on a detected gaze