Intel patents granted on 13 January 2015

36 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,935,800 Enhanced security for accessing virtual memory
2 8,935,775 Method and apparatus for dishonest hardware policies
3 8,935,678 Methods and apparatus to form a resilient objective instruction construct
4 8,935,648 At least one die produced, at least in part, from wafer, and including at least one replicated integrated circuit
5 8,935,578 Method and apparatus for optimizing power and latency on a link
6 8,935,547 Method and apparatus for user-activity-based dynamic power management and policy creation for mobile platforms
7 8,935,546 Dynamic voltage transitions
8 8,935,514 Optimizing performance of instructions based on sequence detection or information associated with the instructions
9 8,935,458 Drive assisted system checkpointing via system restore points
10 8,935,453 Completion combining to improve effective link bandwidth by disposing at end of two-end link a matching engine for outstanding non-posted transactions
11 8,934,715 Human pose estimation in visual computing
12 8,934,713 Image processing device, image processing method, program, and imaging device
13 8,934,683 Model-based fusion of scanning probe microscopic images for detection and identification of molecular structures
14 8,934,574 Signal processing circuit and method
15 8,934,567 Multiple input, multiple output wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
16 8,934,554 Virtual multicarrier design for orthogonal frequency division multiple access communications
17 8,934,505 Synchronizing multiple system clocks
18 8,934,504 System and method for frequency-agile transmission in a wireless communication device
19 8,934,451 Deregistration with context retention for inter-RAT operations
20 8,934,437 Apparatus and method to establish a device-to-device (D2D) connection in a 3GPP-LTE network using a distributed channel scan
21 8,934,422 Downlink subchannelization scheme for 802.16M
22 8,934,344 Packet switching
23 8,934,314 Apparatus and method for improving power delivery in a memory, such as, a random access memory
24 8,934,291 Interleaved array architecture
25 8,934,125 Using a graphics engine to process print requests
26 8,933,953 Managing active thread dependencies in graphics processing
27 8,933,951 Techniques for controlling frame refresh
28 8,933,946 Mechanism for effectively handling texture sampling
29 8,933,943 Technique for performing load balancing for parallel rendering
30 8,933,778 Mobile device and key fob pairing for multi-factor security
31 8,933,724 State transitioning clock gating
32 8,933,677 Voltage regulator controller frequency varied by load current
33 8,933,564 Landing structure for through-silicon via
34 8,933,522 Repeated spin current interconnects
35 8,933,521 Three-dimensional magnetic circuits including magnetic connectors
36 8,933,458 Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures