Intel patents granted on 13 March 2012

12 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,136,112 Thread synchronization via selective modification of stored states of pending optimistically balanced lock releases having previous lock owner and validity flag
2 8,135,999 Disabling outbound drivers for a last memory buffer on a memory channel
3 8,135,936 Adaptive address mapping with dynamic runtime memory mapping selection
4 8,135,869 Task scheduling to devices with same connection address
5 8,135,566 Determining a node path through a node graph
6 8,135,559 Extended thermal management
7 8,135,436 Mobile radio communication devices and methods for controlling a mobile radio communication device
8 8,134,912 Apparatus, systems and methods adapted for opportunistic forwarding of uplink short messages in wireless metropolitan area networks
9 8,134,860 Shunted phase change memory
10 8,134,684 Immersion lithography using hafnium-based nanoparticles
11 8,134,341 Energy harvesting based on user-interface of mobile computing device
12 8,133,585 Thermally and electrically conductive structure comprising a carbon nanotube and a carbon coating, and method of reducing a contact resistance of same