Intel patents granted on 13 May 2008

47 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,373,572 System pulse latch and shadow pulse latch coupled to output joining circuit
2 7,373,558 Vectoring process-kill errors to an application program
3 7,373,551 Method to provide autonomic boot recovery
4 7,373,549 Error detection and recovery in a storage driver
5 7,373,548 Hardware recovery in a multi-threaded architecture
6 7,373,537 Response to wake event while a system is in reduced power consumption state
7 7,373,534 Reducing storage data transfer interference with processor power management
8 7,373,514 High-performance hashing system
9 7,373,509 Multi-authentication for a computing device connecting to a network
10 7,373,498 Method and apparatus for updating a system configuration through an active or passive update
11 7,373,495 Hardware cross-emulation using personas
12 7,373,490 Emptying packed data state during execution of packed data instructions
13 7,373,475 Methods for optimizing memory unit usage to maximize packet throughput for multi-processor multi-threaded architectures
14 7,373,443 Multiple interfaces in a storage enclosure
15 7,373,442 Method for using an expander to connect to different storage interconnect architectures
16 7,373,419 Method, system, and article of manufacture for increasing network throughput
17 7,373,334 Most probable explanation generation for a Bayesian Network
18 7,373,112 Trained data transmission for communication systems
19 7,373,090 Modulator driver circuit with selectable on-chip termination
20 7,373,068 Connecting a component with an embedded optical fiber
21 7,373,033 Chip-to-chip optical interconnect
22 7,373,031 Apparatus for an electro-optical device connection
23 7,372,957 Method and apparatus for implementing call processing in packet telephony networks
24 7,372,904 Video processing system using variable weights and variable transmission priorities
25 7,372,871 Techniques to reduce information loss and translation costs in a system populated with data sources and sinks communicating with multiple data representations
26 7,372,868 Mobile agent connectivity
27 7,372,867 Method and apparatus to provide channel access parameter
28 7,372,852 Integrated circuit capable of balancing switch transitions
29 7,372,763 Memory with spatially encoded data storage
30 7,372,702 Heat spreader
31 7,372,505 Programmably controlling video formats
32 7,372,382 Voltage regulation using digital voltage control
33 7,372,293 Polarity driven dynamic on-die termination
34 7,372,165 Method for making a semiconductor device having increased conductive material reliability
35 7,372,134 Integrated circuit edge protection method and apparatus
36 7,372,133 Microelectronic package having a stiffening element and method of making same
37 7,372,126 Organic substrates with embedded thin-film capacitors, methods of making same, and systems containing same
38 7,372,120 Methods and apparatus to optically couple an optoelectronic chip to a waveguide
39 7,372,048 Source multiplexing in lithography
40 7,371,975 Electronic packages and components thereof formed by substrate-imprinting
41 7,371,966 High speed active flex cable link
42 7,371,685 Low stress barrier layer removal
43 7,371,674 Nanostructure-based package interconnect
44 7,371,630 Patterned backside stress engineering for transistor performance optimization
45 7,371,312 Using cell voltage as a monitor for deposition coverage
46 7,371,311 Modified electroplating solution components in a low-acid electrolyte solution
47 7,371,014 Monolithic active optical cable assembly for data device applications and various connector types