Intel patents granted on 13 October 2009

36 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,603,707 Tamper-aware virtual TPM
2 7,603,696 Hybrid distributed firewall apparatus, systems, and methods
3 7,603,673 Method and system for reducing context switch times
4 7,603,663 Apparatus and methods for restoring synchronization to object-oriented software applications in managed runtime environments
5 7,603,648 Mask design using library of corrections
6 7,603,587 Updating a memory block without status logging
7 7,603,546 System, method and apparatus for dependency chain processing
8 7,603,544 Dynamic allocation of a buffer across multiple clients in multi-threaded processor without performing a complete flush of data associated with allocation
9 7,603,531 Use of a shutdown object to improve initialization performance
10 7,603,527 Resolving false dependencies of speculative load instructions
11 7,603,514 Method and apparatus for concurrent and independent data transfer on host controllers
12 7,603,508 Scalable distributed memory and I/O multiprocessor systems and associated methods
13 7,603,504 Reducing core wake-up latency in a computer system
14 7,603,491 Bandwidth conserving protocol for command-response bus system
15 7,603,461 Methods, apparatus, and systems for distributed hypothesis testing in autonomic processing machines
16 7,603,398 Data converter and a delay threshold comparator
17 7,602,859 Calibrating integrating receivers for source synchronous protocol
18 7,602,850 Content adaptive variable length coding (CAVLC) decoding
19 7,602,798 Techniques to reduce latency in receive side processing
20 7,602,794 Implementation of control plane protocols and networking stacks in a distributed network device
21 7,602,755 Method and apparatus of scanning control signal
22 7,602,747 Systems and methods increased mobility among mobile nodes in a wireless network
23 7,602,745 Multiple input, multiple output wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
24 7,602,696 Adaptive guard intervals in OFDM systems
25 7,602,663 Fuse cell array with redundancy features
26 7,602,616 Method and apparatus for assembling multi-core dice using sockets with multiple sets of front side bus contacts
27 7,602,607 External protrusion for air flow distribution
28 7,602,275 Contextual medication prompting pillbox
29 7,602,261 Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) switch
30 7,602,257 Signal generating circuit
31 7,602,060 Heat spreader in a flip chip package
32 7,602,056 On-die termination method for multi-chip packages
33 7,601,980 Dopant confinement in the delta doped layer using a dopant segregation barrier in quantum well structures
34 7,601,637 Atomic layer deposited tantalum containing adhesion layer
35 7,600,667 Method of assembling carbon nanotube reinforced solder caps
36 7,600,429 Vibration spectrum sensor array having differing sensors