Intel patents granted on 13 October 2015

54 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,161,339 Device, system and method of wireless communication over non-contiguous channels
2 9,161,273 Small cells implementing multiple air interfaces
3 9,161,254 Periodic channel state information reporting for time division duplex (TDD) carrier aggregation systems
4 9,161,180 System for station group management and method for managing station-management groups
5 9,161,168 Personal information communicator
6 9,161,013 Quality of experience reporting for combined unicast-multicast/broadcast streaming of media content
7 9,160,933 Luminance based image capturing methods and apparatus
8 9,160,815 Method and apparatus for virtual machine interoperability
9 9,160,814 Intuitive data transfer between connected devices
10 9,160,777 Adaptive variable fidelity media distribution system and method
11 9,160,769 Managing data in a cloud computing environment using management metadata
12 9,160,730 Continuous authentication confidence module
13 9,160,684 Dynamic updating of scheduling hierarchy in a traffic manager of a network processor
14 9,160,595 Techniques to manage dwell times for pilot rotation
15 9,160,585 Data interface synchronization
16 9,160,581 Receiver with Doppler tolerant equalization
17 9,160,515 User equipment and methods for handover enhancement using scaled time-to-trigger and time-of-stay
18 9,160,499 Bandwidth and channel notification for wide-channel wireless communication
19 9,160,497 Application continuity with reroute and reset in a wireless communication network
20 9,160,435 Beamforming based on information from platform sensors
21 9,160,430 Millimeter-wave transceiver with coarse and fine beamforming with interference suppression and method
22 9,160,427 Transmit diversity with formed beams in a wireless communications system using a common pilot channel
23 9,160,320 Apparatus, system, and method for voltage swing and duty cycle adjustment
24 9,160,061 Mobile device cover including at least one antenna
25 9,159,835 Two-dimensional condensation for uniaxially strained semiconductor fins
26 9,159,823 Strain compensation in transistors
27 9,159,787 Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers and doped transition layers
28 9,159,734 Antifuse element utilizing non-planar topology
29 9,159,714 Package on wide I/O silicon
30 9,159,690 Tall solders for through-mold interconnect
31 9,159,649 Microelectronic package and stacked microelectronic assembly and computing system containing same
32 9,159,646 Apparatus and method to monitor die edge defects
33 9,159,566 Replacement metal gates to enhance transistor strain
34 9,159,464 Thermally and electrically conductive structure comprising a carbon nanotube, a graphite sheet and a metal layer; and method of reducing a contact resistance of same
35 9,159,135 Systems, methods, and computer program products for low-latency warping of a depth map
36 9,158,942 Securing display output data against malicious software attacks
37 9,158,920 System and method for out-of-band assisted biometric secure boot
38 9,158,916 Unauthorized access and/or instruction prevention, detection, and/or remediation, at least in part, by storage processor
39 9,158,902 Software modification for partial secure memory processing
40 9,158,710 Page coloring with color inheritance for memory pages
41 9,158,705 Stride-based translation lookaside buffer (TLB) prefetching with adaptive offset
42 9,158,703 Linear to physical address translation with support for page attributes
43 9,158,702 Apparatus and method for implementing a scratchpad memory using priority hint
44 9,158,696 Hiding instruction cache miss latency by running tag lookups ahead of the instruction accesses
45 9,158,693 Dynamically controlling cache size to maximize energy efficiency
46 9,158,619 On chip redundancy repair for memory devices
47 9,158,616 Method and system for error management in a memory device
48 9,158,498 Optimizing fixed point divide
49 9,158,495 Codec control
50 9,158,363 Power management for a system on a chip (SoC)
51 9,158,357 System and method for conveying service latency requirements for devices connected to low power input/output sub-systems
52 9,158,351 Dynamic power limit sharing in a platform
53 9,157,991 Mechanism for proximity detection based on Wi-Fi signals
54 D740,801 Electronic device