Intel patents granted on 13 September 2016

61 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D766,234 Wearable electronic display device with an attachable accent
2 D766,233 Electronic device
3 9,445,496 Glass clad microelectronic substrate
4 9,445,359 Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
5 9,445,347 Techniques for discovery of Wi-Fi serial bus and Wi-Fi docking services
6 9,445,338 Reconfiguration control channel resource mapping collision avoidance
7 9,445,299 System and method of rank adaptation in MIMO communication system
8 9,445,209 Mechanism and apparatus for seamless voice wake and speaker verification
9 9,445,103 Methods and apparatus for adaptively choosing a search range for motion estimation
10 9,445,081 Method and system of 3D image capture with dynamic cameras
11 9,444,865 Distributing intelligence across networks
12 9,444,864 Playlist compilation system and method
13 9,444,863 Manager for DASH media streaming
14 9,444,862 Dynamic media content output for mobile devices
15 9,444,757 Dynamic configuration of processing modules in a network communications processor architecture
16 9,444,737 Packet data processor in a communications processor architecture
17 9,444,666 Device for generating a vector-modulated output signal and method for generating a vector-modulated output signal
18 9,444,655 Apparatus, method and system of scrambling a wireless transmission
19 9,444,627 System and method for providing global platform compliant trusted execution environment
20 9,444,569 Method to identify and differentiate background traffic
21 9,444,551 High performance optical repeater
22 9,444,522 Near field communications (NFC) coil and proximity sensor for portable devices
23 9,444,511 Plug-and-play time-variant antenna module for wireless communication devices
24 9,444,509 Non-blocking power management for on-package input/output architectures
25 9,444,492 High performance interconnect link layer
26 9,444,486 Digital to analog converter comprising mixer
27 9,444,328 Acoustic noise mitigation using periodicity disruption
28 9,444,140 Multi-element antenna beam forming configurations for millimeter wave systems
29 9,443,980 Pulsed laser anneal process for transistors with partial melt of a raised source-drain
30 9,443,936 Quantum well MOSFET channels having lattice mismatch with metal source/drains, and conformal regrowth source/drains
31 9,443,922 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor formation techniques
32 9,443,864 Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
33 9,443,600 Auto-suspend and auto-resume operations for a multi-die NAND memory device to reduce peak power consumption
34 9,443,567 High speed sense amplifier latch with low power rail-to-rail input common mode range
35 9,443,347 Time-continuous collision detection using 3D rasterization
36 9,443,307 Processing of images of a subject individual
37 9,443,281 Pixel-based warping and scaling accelerator
38 9,443,280 Selective hardware acceleration in video playback systems
39 9,443,279 Direct link synchronization communication between co-processors
40 9,443,272 Methods and apparatus for providing improved access to applications
41 9,443,096 Systems and methods for controlling access to supplemental content integrated into existing content
42 9,442,879 Multiple transaction data flow control unit for high-speed interconnect
43 9,442,871 Accessing data stored in a command/address register device
44 9,442,868 Delivering interrupts directly to a virtual processor
45 9,442,865 Processor extensions for execution of secure embedded containers
46 9,442,864 Bridging circuitry between a memory controller and request agents in a system having multiple system memory protection schemes
47 9,442,861 System and method for out-of-order prefetch instructions in an in-order pipeline
48 9,442,855 Transaction layer packet formatting
49 9,442,849 Apparatus and method for reduced core entry into a power state having a powered down core cache
50 9,442,826 Kernel functionality checker
51 9,442,739 Collaborative processor and system performance and power management
52 9,442,733 Packed data operation mask comparison processors, methods, systems, and instructions
53 9,442,731 Packed two source inter-element shift merge processors, methods, systems, and instructions
54 9,442,729 Minimizing bandwidth to track return targets by an instruction tracing system
55 9,442,723 Method and apparatus for integral image computation instructions
56 9,442,721 Method and system to provide user-level multithreading
57 9,442,559 Exploiting process variation in a multicore processor
58 9,442,558 Techniques and system for managing activity in multicomponent platform
59 9,442,463 Time-to-digital converter (TDC) with offset cancellation
60 9,442,286 Spaced configuration of acousto-optic deflectors for laser beam scanning of a semiconductor substrate
61 9,441,952 Metrology tool for electroless copper thickness measurement for BBUL process development monitoring