Intel patents granted on 14 April 2009

44 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,519,918 Mobile virtual desktop
2 7,519,891 IO self test method and apparatus for memory
3 7,519,846 Detection of an in-band reset
4 7,519,839 Method for optimizing platform power delivery
5 7,519,799 Apparatus having a micro-instruction queue, a micro-instruction pointer programmable logic array and a micro-operation read only memory and method for use thereof
6 7,519,794 High performance architecture for a writeback stage
7 7,519,792 Memory region access management
8 7,519,791 Address conversion technique in a context switching environment
9 7,519,790 Method, apparatus and system for memory instructions in processors with embedded memory controllers
10 7,519,762 Method and apparatus for selective DRAM precharge
11 7,519,681 Systems, methods, and media for discovering remote user interface applications over a network
12 7,519,646 Reconfigurable SIMD vector processing system
13 7,519,632 Accessing file data stored in non-volatile re-programmable semiconductor memories
14 7,519,615 Characterization of content based on the associated serialized data
15 7,519,344 Bandpass amplifier, method, and system
16 7,519,301 Emitter follower driver for silicon optical modulator
17 7,519,125 Multicarrier receiver and methods of generating spatial correlation estimates for signals received with a plurality of antennas
18 7,519,093 Laser driver circuit and system
19 7,519,060 Reducing inter-packet gaps in packet-based input/output communications
20 7,519,054 Replication of multicast data packets in a multi-stage switching system
21 7,519,011 Frame structure for radio communications system
22 7,518,934 Phase change memory with program/verify function
23 7,518,932 Erase cycle counting in non-volatile memories
24 7,518,904 Method of resetting phase change memory bits through a series of pulses of increasing amplitude
25 7,518,872 Attaching heat sinks to printed circuit boards using preloaded spring assemblies
26 7,518,728 Method and instrument for collecting fourier transform (FT) Raman spectra for imaging applications
27 7,518,481 Slotted magnetic material for integrated circuit inductors
28 7,518,427 Apparatus, system, and method for hardened latch
29 7,518,355 Package level voltage sensing of a power gated die
30 7,518,248 Inductive filters and methods of fabrication therefor
31 7,518,244 Reducing line to line capacitance using oriented dielectric films
32 7,518,238 Mounting flexible circuits onto integrated circuit substrates
33 7,518,222 Apparatus and system for an IC substrate, socket, and assembly
34 7,518,196 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
35 7,518,091 Radio frequency and microwave radiation used in conjunction with convective thermal heating to expedite curing of an imprinted material
36 7,517,788 System, apparatus, and method for advanced solder bumping
37 7,517,787 C4 joint reliability
38 7,517,772 Selective etch for patterning a semiconductor film deposited non-selectively
39 7,517,768 Method for fabricating a heterojunction bipolar transistor
40 7,517,765 Method for forming germanides and devices obtained thereof
41 7,517,732 Thin semiconductor device package
42 7,517,642 Plane waves to control critical dimension
43 7,517,228 Surface mounted micro-scale springs for separable interconnection of package substrate and high-speed flex-circuit
44 7,517,140 Techniques for precision testing of thermal interface materials