Intel patents granted on 14 August 2007

31 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,257,809 Estimation of type-cast sets
2 7,257,808 System and method to reduce the size of source code in a processing system
3 7,257,757 Flexible accelerators for physical layer processing
4 7,257,756 Digital frequency synthesis clocked circuits
5 7,257,728 Method and apparatus for an integrated circuit having flexible-ratio frequency domain cross-overs
6 7,257,695 Register file regions for a processing system
7 7,257,693 Multi-processor computing system that employs compressed cache lines’ worth of information and processor capable of use in said system
8 7,257,682 Synchronizing memory copy operations with memory accesses
9 7,257,665 Branch-aware FIFO for interprocessor data sharing
10 7,257,659 Method for signaling PCI/PCI-X standard hot-plug controller (SHPC) command status
11 7,257,651 Sequential data transfer detection using addresses of data transfer requests to control the efficiency of processing the data transfer requests
12 7,257,643 Method and apparatus to improve network routing
13 7,257,572 Function for directing packets
14 7,257,538 Generating animation from visual and audio input
15 7,257,529 Apparatus and method for an automated grammar file expansion tool
16 7,257,283 Transmitter-receiver with integrated modulator array and hybrid bonded multi-wavelength laser array
17 7,257,257 Method and apparatus for differential, bandwidth-efficient and storage-efficient backups
18 7,257,142 Semi-integrated designs for external cavity tunable lasers
19 7,257,079 Physical layer and data link interface with adaptive speed
20 7,256,929 Semiconductor waveguide based high speed all optical wavelength converter
21 7,256,872 Purging gas from a photolithography enclosure between a mask protective device and a patterned mask
22 7,256,825 Video bit stream extension by differential information annotation
23 7,256,740 Antenna system using complementary metal oxide semiconductor techniques
24 7,256,089 Top electrode barrier for on-chip die de-coupling capacitor and method of making same
25 7,256,059 Underfill integration for optical packages
26 7,256,058 Device and method for package warp compensation in an integrated heat spreader
27 7,255,578 Two-dimensional adjustable edge connector adaptor
28 7,255,573 Data signal interconnection with reduced crosstalk
29 7,255,496 Package for housing an optoelectronic assembly
30 7,255,494 Low-profile package for housing an optoelectronic assembly
31 7,255,492 Electro-optic surface mount light pipe and connector