Intel patents granted on 14 August 2012

36 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,245,244 Device, system, and method of executing a call to a routine within a transaction
2 8,245,240 Extended dynamic optimization of connection establishment and message progress processing in a multi-fabric message passing interface implementation
3 8,245,111 Performing multi-bit error correction on a cache line
4 8,245,070 Method for optimizing voltage-frequency setup in multi-core processor systems
5 8,245,055 Method for firmware control invocation from power management
6 8,245,019 Method, program and system to update files in a computer system
7 8,244,985 Store performance in strongly ordered microprocessor architecture
8 8,244,980 Shared cache performance
9 8,244,970 Cache write integrity logging
10 8,244,951 Method and apparatus to facilitate system to system protocol exchange in back to back non-transparent bridges
11 8,244,945 Efficient handling of interrupts in a computing environment
12 8,244,609 Payment management on mobile devices
13 8,244,297 Preventing self-induced interference in dual-radio device
14 8,244,270 Distributed micro instructions set processor architecture for high-efficiency signal processing
15 8,243,798 Methods and apparatus for scalable video bitstreams
16 8,243,753 Data definition apparatus, systems, and methods
17 8,243,749 Wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
18 8,243,694 Data transmission in a telecommunication conference
19 8,243,690 Bandwidth allocation base station and method for allocating uplink bandwidth using SDMA
20 8,243,677 Scheduler and method for allocating time and frequency dimensions of downlink bursts in broadband wireless access networks
21 8,243,648 Spatial reuse techniques with wireless network relays
22 8,243,623 Combined device and service discovery technique in stations supporting tunneled direct link setup (TDLS)
23 8,243,596 Distributing intelligence across networks
24 8,243,580 Dynamic allocation of cyclic extension in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
25 8,243,526 Depletion mode circuit protection device
26 8,243,522 NAND memory programming method using double vinhibit ramp for improved program disturb
27 8,243,410 Transient voltage compensation system and method
28 8,243,200 Method and apparatus of content adaptive detailing filtering for digital pictures
29 8,243,085 Boosting graphics performance based on executing workload
30 8,243,021 Slide and rotate display configurations for a handheld computing device
31 8,242,831 Tamper resistant fuse design
32 8,242,750 Balancing power supply and demand
33 8,242,602 Composite solder TIM for electronic package
34 8,242,216 Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) thermosetting resins for integrated circuit applications
35 8,242,001 Apparatus and methods for improving parallel conduction in a quantum well device
36 8,241,913 Virtual semiconductor nanowire, and methods of using same