Intel patents granted on 14 December 2010

35 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,853,958 Virtual machine monitor management from a management service processor in the host processing platform
2 7,853,957 Doorbell mechanism using protection domains
3 7,853,951 Lock sequencing to reorder and grant lock requests from multiple program threads
4 7,853,858 Efficient CTC encoders and methods
5 7,853,853 Device, system, and method of multi-level feedback
6 7,853,818 Modifying power adapter output
7 7,853,778 Load/move and duplicate instructions for a processor
8 7,853,748 Method and apparatus to obtain code data for USB device
9 7,853,742 System and method to conditionally shrink an executable module
10 7,853,274 Wake-on-WLAN for stationary wireless stations
11 7,852,951 Multicarrier receiver for multiple-input multiple-output wireless communication systems and method
12 7,852,826 Techniques to communication MAP information elements in a wireless network
13 7,852,794 Proxy IGMP client and method for providing multicast broadcast services in a broadband wireless access network
14 7,852,339 Video composition optimization by the identification of transparent and opaque regions
15 7,852,281 Integrated high performance package systems for mm-wave array applications
16 7,852,278 CMOS IC and high-gain antenna integration for point-to-point wireless communication
17 7,852,252 Single-ended to differential amplification and pipeline analog-to-digital conversion for digitally controlled DC-DC converters
18 7,852,189 Packaged spiral inductor structures, processes of making same, and systems containing same
19 7,852,185 On-die micro-transformer structures with magnetic materials
20 7,852,045 Battery charge management using a scheduling application
21 7,851,944 Integrated uninterrupted power supply unit
22 7,851,905 Microelectronic package and method of cooling an interconnect feature in same
23 7,851,862 Method and resultant structure for floating body memory on bulk wafer
24 7,851,809 Multi-chip assembly with optically coupled die
25 7,851,790 Isolated Germanium nanowire on Silicon fin
26 7,851,781 Buffer layers for device isolation of devices grown on silicon
27 7,851,780 Semiconductor buffer architecture for III-V devices on silicon substrates
28 7,851,360 Organometallic precursors for seed/barrier processes and methods thereof
29 7,851,342 In-situ formation of conductive filling material in through-silicon via
30 7,851,291 Epitaxial silicon germanium for reduced contact resistance in field-effect transistors
31 7,851,269 Method of stiffening coreless package substrate
32 7,851,109 Low stress pellicle frames and reticle pellicle assemblies
33 7,850,907 Fabricating structures in micro-fluidic channels based on hydrodynamic focusing
34 7,850,240 System and device for monitoring and assisting human gross motor skills
35 7,849,745 Ultra-low noise MEMS piezoelectric accelerometers