Intel patents granted on 14 June 2016

63 US patents granted on 14 June 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D759,029 Computer on a stick
2 D759,027 PC on a stick
3 D759,018 Modular computing device
4 D759,015 Glasses with HUD
5 9,370,018 Techniques for uplink power control
6 9,370,011 Techniques to provide physical resource allocation using a tree-based structure and communicate a channel quality indicator
7 9,369,982 Online adaptive fusion framework for mobile device indoor localization
8 9,369,977 Methods and arrangements for synch frame transmissions
9 9,369,948 Method and related mobile device for cell search in multi radio access technology systems
10 9,369,922 Periodic channel state information reporting for coordinated multipoint (CoMP) systems
11 9,369,912 Communication path switching for mobile devices
12 9,369,911 Method and apparatus for enhanced uplink multiplexing
13 9,369,867 Mobile platform software update with secure authentication
14 9,369,856 Service of an emergency event based on proximity
15 9,369,822 Reporting power disruptions of machine-to-machine devices
16 9,369,774 System and method for controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls
17 9,369,735 Method and apparatus for adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
18 9,369,727 Storage of depth information in a digital image file
19 9,369,661 Real-time interactive personal video recorder interface
20 9,369,551 Apparatus, system and method of protocol adaptation layer (PAL) communication to indicate transitioning a device to a default state
21 9,369,522 Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
22 9,369,441 End-to-end secure communication system
23 9,369,277 Encryption code generation using spin-torque NANO-oscillators
24 9,369,235 Maximizing data rate by adjusting codes and code rates
25 9,369,225 Distribution of an electronic reference clock signal that includes delay and validity information
26 9,369,217 Cellular up-link harmonic spurs mitigation in Wi-Fi and bluetooth receivers
27 9,369,188 Link prediction based re-beamforming triggering algorithm for 60 ghz communication links
28 9,369,136 Digital phase controlled delay circuit
29 9,368,956 Electrostatic discharge clamp compatible with a fast ramping supply
30 9,368,861 Omni directional broadband coplanar antenna element
31 9,368,583 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
32 9,368,461 Contact pads for integrated circuit packages
33 9,368,455 Electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductor chip packages
34 9,368,437 High density package interconnects
35 9,368,429 Interposer for hermetic sealing of sensor chips and for their integration with integrated circuit chips
36 9,368,401 Embedded structures for package-on-package architecture
37 9,368,290 Charge storage device, method of making same, method of making an electrically conductive structure for same, mobile electronic device using same, and microelectronic device containing same
38 9,368,208 Non-volatile latch using magneto-electric and ferro-electric tunnel junctions
39 9,368,205 Set and reset operation in phase change memory and associated techniques and configurations
40 9,367,948 Flexible filter logic for multi-mode filtering of graphical texture data
41 9,367,916 Method and system of run-time self-calibrating lens shading correction
42 9,367,898 Orientation of display rendering on a display based on position of user
43 9,367,731 Depth gradient based tracking
44 9,367,688 Providing geographic protection to a system
45 9,367,500 Apparatus for multiple bus master engines to share the same request channel to a pipelined backbone
46 9,367,477 Instruction and logic for support of code modification in translation lookaside buffers
47 9,367,464 Cache circuit having a tag array with smaller latency than a data array
48 9,367,406 Manageability redundancy for micro server and clustered system-on-a-chip deployments
49 9,367,329 Initialization of multi-core processing system
50 9,367,328 Out-of-band host OS boot sequence verification
51 9,367,327 Method to ensure platform silicon configuration integrity
52 9,367,325 Common architecture state presentation for processor having processing cores of different types
53 9,367,317 Loop streaming detector for standard and complex instruction types
54 9,367,314 Converting conditional short forward branches to computationally equivalent predicated instructions
55 9,367,280 Dual screen visibility with virtual transparency
56 9,367,174 Wireless peripheral data transmission for touchscreen displays
57 9,367,116 Apparatus to reduce idle link power in a platform
58 9,367,114 Controlling operating voltage of a processor
59 9,367,112 Optimizing power usage by factoring processor architectural events to PMU
60 9,367,101 Passive noise cancellation for computer cooling systems
61 9,367,080 Apparatus, system, and method for providing clock signal on demand
62 9,367,078 Modification of indicators corresponding to alerts
63 9,366,482 Adjustable heat pipe thermal unit