Intel patents granted on 14 March 2006

29 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,013,484 Managing a secure environment using a chipset in isolated execution mode
2 7,013,481 Attestation key memory device and bus
3 7,013,407 Method, apparatus, and system for high speed data transfer between electronic devices
4 7,013,406 Method and apparatus to dynamically change an operating frequency and operating voltage of an electronic device
5 7,013,396 Circuit for enabling dual mode safe power-on sequencing
6 7,013,387 System for increasing realized secure sockets layer encryption and decryption connections
7 7,013,367 Caching associative memory using non-overlapping data
8 7,013,366 Parallel search technique for store operations
9 7,013,360 Efficient use of multiple buses for a scalable and reliable high-bandwidth connection
10 7,013,353 Host-fabric adapter having an efficient multi-tasking pipelined instruction execution micro-controller subsystem
11 7,013,349 Managing links between processor-based systems
12 7,013,320 Apparatus and method for remainder calculation using short approximate floating-point quotient
13 7,013,226 Reflectometer with echo canceller
14 7,013,133 Portable communication device that may permit one wireless network to communicate with another wireless networks and method therefor
15 7,013,120 Walking weaver image reject mixer for radio
16 7,013,071 Method and device for achieving optical alignment using laser pulses
17 7,013,070 Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam between first and second waveguides in a semiconductor substrate layer
18 7,013,029 Incorporating handwritten notations into an electronic document
19 7,013,010 Method and apparatus for optimally formatting media key blocks stored on media with high transfer latencies
20 7,012,978 Robust multiple chain receiver
21 7,012,935 Alignment and deskew device, system and method
22 7,012,884 Zero-overhead method for sequence reversible and pattern independent orthogonal multiplexing
23 7,012,576 Intelligent display interface
24 7,012,451 Slew rate at buffers by isolating predriver from driver
25 7,012,304 Diode and transistor design for high speed I/O
26 7,012,015 Wafer-level thick film standing-wave clocking
27 7,012,011 Wafer-level diamond spreader
28 7,011,726 Method of fabricating thin dielectric film and thin film capacitor including the dielectric film
29 7,010,858 Method of fabricating a shielded zero insertion force socket