Intel patents granted on 14 October 2014

42 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,197 Location-based vehicle messaging system
2 8,863,138 Application service performance in cloud computing
3 8,863,103 Method and apparatus for implementing a bi-endian capable compiler
4 8,862,987 Capture and display of digital images based on related metadata
5 8,862,973 Method and system for error management in a memory device
6 8,862,942 Method of system for detecting abnormal interleavings in concurrent programs
7 8,862,918 Efficient frequency boost operation
8 8,862,906 Control of platform power consumption using coordination of platform power management and display power management
9 8,862,904 Techniques for distributed management of wireless devices with shared resources between wireless components
10 8,862,882 Systems and methods for authenticating devices by adding secure features to Wi-Fi tags
11 8,862,862 Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack
12 8,862,853 System and method for high performance secure access to a trusted platform module on a hardware virtualization platform
13 8,862,831 Method and apparatus to facilitate shared pointers in a heterogeneous platform
14 8,862,828 Sub-numa clustering
15 8,862,824 Techniques for managing power and performance of multi-socket processors
16 8,862,801 Handling atomic operations for a non-coherent device
17 8,862,787 Method and apparatus for integrating driver(s) of a portable device into the portable device
18 8,862,785 System and method for redirecting input/output (I/O) sequences
19 8,862,773 Scalable network apparatus for content based switching or validation acceleration
20 8,862,620 System and method for generating homogeneous metadata from pre-existing metadata
21 8,862,399 Generic object exchange profile message
22 8,862,176 Techniques for mitigating interference associated with downlink transmissions from a base station
23 8,862,104 System and method for gesture-based management
24 8,862,086 Mixer, mixer system and method
25 8,862,085 Detection of binary signaling in communications radio receiver
26 8,862,076 Method and device in a communication network
27 8,861,976 Transmit and receive MIMO protocols for light array communications
28 8,861,847 System and method for adaptive skin tone detection
29 8,861,578 Transition time measurement of PAM4 transmitters
30 8,861,509 Communication devices and methods for generating a message
31 8,861,443 Method and apparatus for power control in full-duplex wireless systems with simultaneous transmission reception
32 8,861,423 Interference mitigation by overhearing
33 8,861,274 Compensating for off-current in a memory
34 8,860,707 Switching display update properties upon detecting a power management event
35 8,860,521 Variable inductor for LC oscillator
36 8,860,512 Ring Oscillator, mobile communications device, and method
37 8,860,479 Integrated clock differential buffering
38 8,860,455 Methods and systems to measure a signal on an integrated circuit die
39 8,860,205 Method of stiffening coreless package substrate
40 8,860,199 Multi-die processor
41 8,860,184 Spacer assisted pitch division lithography
42 8,859,734 Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins