Intel patents granted on 15 April 2008

38 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,360,220 Methods and apparatus for multi-threading using differently coded software segments to perform an algorithm
2 7,360,103 P-state feedback to operating system with hardware coordination
3 7,360,033 Hierarchical virtual model of a cache hierarchy in a multiprocessor system
4 7,360,031 Method and apparatus to enable I/O agents to perform atomic operations in shared, coherent memory spaces
5 7,360,027 Method and apparatus for initiating CPU data prefetches by an external agent
6 7,360,022 Synchronizing an instruction cache and a data cache on demand
7 7,360,015 Preventing storage of streaming accesses in a cache
8 7,360,008 Enforcing global ordering through a caching bridge in a multicore multiprocessor system
9 7,360,007 System including a segmentable, shared bus
10 7,359,949 Remotely controlling a UNIX-based system
11 7,359,727 Systems and methods for adjusting transmit power in wireless local area networks
12 7,359,619 Transmitting signals to cause replays to be recorded at a plurality of receivers
13 7,359,608 Constructing well structures for hybrid optical waveguides
14 7,359,591 Electrical/optical integration scheme using direct copper bonding
15 7,359,532 Fingerprint minutiae matching using scoring techniques
16 7,359,518 Distribution of secured information
17 7,359,464 Trellis decoder and method of decoding
18 7,359,364 Monitoring in communication system with wireless trunk
19 7,359,231 Providing current for phase change memories
20 7,359,211 Local control of underfill flow on high density packages, packages and systems made therewith, and methods of making same
21 7,359,210 Shock absorbing system for circuit boards
22 7,358,825 Variable capacitance circuit arrangement
23 7,358,824 Variable capacitance circuit arrangement
24 7,358,770 Driver circuit
25 7,358,615 Microelectronic package having multiple conductive paths through an opening in a support substrate
26 7,358,607 Substrates and systems to minimize signal path discontinuities
27 7,358,606 Apparatus to compensate for stress between heat spreader and thermal interface material
28 7,358,597 UV-activated dielectric layer
29 7,358,580 Sacrificial layer technique to make gaps in MEMS applications
30 7,358,579 Reducing the actuation voltage of microelectromechanical system switches
31 7,358,547 Selective deposition to improve selectivity and structures formed thereby
32 7,358,521 Lateral phase change memory and method therefor
33 7,358,444 Folded substrate with interposer package for integrated circuit devices
34 7,358,201 Methods of forming channels on an integrated circuit die and die cooling systems including such channels
35 7,358,121 Tri-gate devices and methods of fabrication
36 7,358,116 Substrate conductive post formation
37 7,358,111 Imageable bottom anti-reflective coating for high resolution lithography
38 7,357,293 Soldering an electronics package to a motherboard