Intel patents granted on 15 August 2006

41 US patents granted on 15 August 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,093,279 Method and system for automatic invocation of secure sockets layer encryption on a parallel array of Web servers
2 7,093,272 Method and apparatus for selecting from among multiple upgraded media features for transmitted entertainment programs
3 7,093,262 Detecting deadlocks in multithreaded programs
4 7,093,241 Method for eliminating redundant method calls in an object oriented program
5 7,093,224 Model-based logic design
6 7,093,149 Tiered secondary memory architecture to reduce power consumption in a portable computer system
7 7,093,140 Method and apparatus for configuring a voltage regulator based on current information
8 7,093,124 Mechanism to improve authentication for remote management of a computer system
9 7,093,118 System and method for external bus device support
10 7,093,116 Methods and apparatus to operate in multiple phases of a basic input/output system (BIOS)
11 7,093,115 Method and apparatus for detecting an interruption in memory initialization
12 7,093,102 Code sequence for vector gather and scatter
13 7,093,079 Snoop filter bypass
14 7,093,077 Method and apparatus for next-line prefetching from a predicted memory address
15 7,093,071 Queued copy command
16 7,093,064 Programming suspend status indicator for flash memory
17 7,093,059 Read-write switching method for a memory controller
18 7,093,033 Integrated circuit capable of communicating using different communication protocols
19 7,093,009 Uploading personal agents to personalize network services
20 7,093,008 Communication techniques for simple network management protocol
21 7,092,743 Method and apparatus to reply to call
22 7,092,719 Method and an apparatus for reduction of QOS impairments in multi-media services during hand-over
23 7,092,639 EMI shield for reducing clock jitter of a transceiver
24 7,092,609 Method to realize fast silicon-on-insulator (SOI) optical device
25 7,092,454 Method and apparatus of compensating imbalance of a modulator
26 7,092,372 Communication protocol for spread sprectrum wireless communication system
27 7,092,354 Method and apparatus to provide redundancy in a network
28 7,092,190 Dynamic power supply
29 7,091,788 Biased Darlington transistor pair, method, and system
30 7,091,737 Apparatus and methods for self-heating burn-in processes
31 7,091,652 Flat panel color display with enhanced brightness and preferential viewing angles
32 7,091,615 Concentration graded carbon doped oxide
33 7,091,610 Self-aligned contacts to gates
34 7,091,586 Detachable on package voltage regulation module
35 7,091,560 Method and structure to decrease area capacitance within a buried insulator device
36 7,091,129 Atomic layer deposition using photo-enhanced bond reconfiguration
37 7,091,108 Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing ultra thin device layers for integrated circuit devices
38 7,091,084 Ultra-high capacitance device based on nanostructures
39 7,091,063 Electronic assembly comprising solderable thermal interface and methods of manufacture
40 7,089,984 Forming folded-stack packaged device using progressive folding tool
41 7,089,785 Method to assay sacrificial light absorbing materials and spin on glass materials for chemical origin of defectivity