Intel patents granted on 15 December 2015

44 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D745,523 Wireless adapter
2 D745,508 Computing device with sensor
3 9,215,701 Random access channel enhancements for LTE devices
4 9,215,649 Techniques for assisted network acquisition
5 9,215,647 Random access techniques for fixed devices in mobile broadband networks
6 9,215,637 Buffer-aware radio resource management
7 9,215,562 Method and apparatus for optimized indoor position estimation
8 9,215,552 Mechanism to prevent load in 3GPP network due to MTC device triggers
9 9,215,262 Streaming with coordination of video orientation (CVO)
10 9,215,252 Methods and apparatus to identify privacy relevant correlations between data values
11 9,215,249 Systems and methods for distributed trust computing and key management
12 9,215,186 Multi-radio communication between wireless devices
13 9,215,113 Link training in a communication port
14 9,215,104 Floating taps for decision feedback equalizer
15 9,215,094 Segmentation and reassembly of data frames
16 9,215,091 LAN emulation over infiniband fabric apparatus, systems, and methods
17 9,215,069 Methods and apparatus for device authentication with one-time credentials
18 9,215,061 Eye width measurement and margining in communication systems
19 9,215,033 Device, system and method of communicating data over wireless communication symbols with check code
20 9,214,998 Methods and arrangements for communications in low power wireless networks
21 9,214,947 Phase-lock in all-digital phase-locked loops
22 9,214,739 Overlapped and staggered antenna arrays
23 9,214,439 Forming in-situ micro-feature structures with coreless packages
24 9,214,420 Carbon nanotube-solder composite structures for interconnects, process of making same, packages containing same, and systems containing same
25 9,214,215 Decreased switching current in spin-transfer torque memory
26 9,213,886 Method and device for notification of facial recognition environment, and computer-readable recording medium for executing method
27 9,213,865 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
28 9,213,863 Enhanced privacy for provision of computer vision
29 9,213,834 Prevention of user input capture
30 9,213,827 Security data aggregation and business intelligence for web applications
31 9,213,666 Providing a sideband message interface for system on a chip (SoC)
32 9,213,653 Memory integrity
33 9,213,605 IP multimedia subsystem and method for MBMS file repair using HTTP servers
34 9,213,523 Double rounded combined floating-point multiply and add
35 9,213,491 Disabling a command associated with a memory device
36 9,213,412 Multi-distance, multi-modal natural user interaction with computing devices
37 9,213,400 Apparatus and method to provide near zero power DEVSLP in SATA drives
38 9,213,395 Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller
39 9,213,393 Power management of low power link states
40 9,213,390 Periodic activity alignment
41 9,213,382 Linear voltage regulator based on-die grid
42 9,212,047 Electromagnetically actuated microshutter
43 9,211,609 Laser via drilling apparatus and methods
44 9,210,991 Apparatus and method for keeping mobile devices warm in cold climates